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Sheet Materials

MGN Builders Merchants offers an extensive range of premium, trade quality sheet materials online available in various sizes, grades and thicknesses. We pride ourselves to be one of the leading sheet materials suppliers in London and Essex. 

It is essential to use the right wooden sheets for your project. We have gathered the most important information together and produced an information sheet that will hopefully guide you in making the right choice.


What are sheet materials?


Sheet materials are types of wood-based panels that are manufactured from recycled or solid timber then bonded together with an adhesive. 

Wood sheets are widely used in the construction industry, they are produced for different application purposes and are available in different grades. Here at MGN Builders Merchants, our wood-based panels come from reliable and well-known manufacturers that are producing sheet materials of premier quality made from responsibly sourced sustainable woods.


Selecting Sheet Materials


Every construction project has an obligation to comply with the Building Regulations. Here are some main factors that every builder should consider when choosing sheet materials. 

  • Some sheet panels are suitable for structural projects, whereas others are for non-structural. In domestic applications, for instance, roof, floors, and walls construction structural grades of wood base sheets are required. 
  • It is crucial to know the building project specification and take into consideration non-structural characteristics like fire or moisture resistance where necessary. 
  • The materials that you choose have to comply with the Construction Products Regulations ( CPR) this is achieved through compliance with BS EN 13986, the CE mark stands for the standard of the wood-based panel.


What are the different types of sheet wood?


Oriented strand board

Also known as OSB board, it consists of resin bonded panels that are made up of thin strands of wood hot-pressed together forming layers of durable and cost-effective sheet material. The sheets are made knots and voids free with good dimensional stability, also available in different thicknesses and grades. The strand board is an extremely versatile sheet material that is suitable for a wide range of structural and non-structural applications.

Particleboard ( Chipboard )

Particleboard is widely known as chipboard, is a type of sheet material that consists of compressed wood chips with resin. The chipboard sheets have smooth surfaces and are produced in different grades and thicknesses enabling the wood-based panels to be utilised in a variety of structural and non-structural projects. It is widely used in furniture construction and flooring projects.


Plywood is divided into two main categories: softwood plywood - is a type of versatile sheet material that is produced from European spruce, and hardwood plywood is usually made of European birch. Since spruce is considered less decorative in comparison to birch, it is predominantly used in construction where the visual appearance is not important. In contrast, birch plywood is in general knotless and has a clearer appearance.

Structural Plywood

When selecting plywood for structural purposes then it is very important to choose one with load-bearing specifications such as BS BS 5268-2:2002 they typically come from Canada, Sweden or Finland. In addition, structural plywood needs to comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)by meeting the requirements of BS EN 13986.

Marine Plywood 

This type of sheet material is suitable for applications where increased resistance to decay is required, however, it is not intended for general structural applications unless it meets the BS EN 13986 requirements.


Hardboard sheets are a non-structural type of sheet material that is made of wood fibre and predominantly used as a flooring material, underlay or for shop fittings. The hardboard is relatively lightweight and has a smooth surface. Buy hardboard sheets online and be sure to get premium quality engineered timber sheets at the lowest price.

MDF Boards

MDF - medium density fibreboard is a type of stiff and flat engineered sheet material that is manufactured from wood fibres bonded together with the addition of resin. MDF sheets are extremely versatile, have smooth surfaces, they can be cut and drilled without causing any damage to the surface. MDF wood panel is also used in finished products for instance in the production of mouldings, like MDF skirting boards, architraves and many more. There are also fire-rated grades, moisture resistant MDF and flame retardant chemicals panels, the colour coding technique is applied to differentiate the intended application purpose. We currently stock 6mm MDF, 9mm MDF, 18mm MDF moisture resistant.


What is the strongest sheet wood?


Marine plywood is ranked as the strongest and toughest type of sheet material. During the manufacturing process, structurally solid plies are bonded together with high-quality glue. The glue that is used in the production process of these particular types of plywood sheets also adds water-resistant properties to a panel. The marine plywood will be a perfect choice for basements, bathrooms, and foundation material for laying hardwood engineered flooring and tiles.


What sheet wood is waterproof?


Whilst in general the OSB board is water-resistant because of the resin and wax added during the manufacturing process. For truly waterproof specifications there are OSB types stamped stating so. There are also panels such as Plywood that can be waterproofed by applying special stain, paint or sealant on top. 

MGN selection of sheet materials offers a wide range of trade quality panels available for our customers at low trade prices, we also offer bulk buy deals and free next day delivery. Browse and shop online alternatively call us for a quick and free quote.


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