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Cement Dyes

Take your concrete or mortar projects to the next level with our range of high-quality cement dyes (also known as cement colours or coloured cement). Whether you're crafting a decorative patio, a unique countertop, or adding a subtle tint to your next concrete pour, MGN Builders Merchants has the perfect solution.

Transform Your Vision into Reality:

Our cement dyes offer a vibrant way to customize your concrete projects. From bold colours to subtle tones, you can achieve the exact look you desire.

Built to Last:

Our dyes are formulated for long-lasting performance. They won't fade or break down over time, ensuring your coloured concrete continues to look its best for years to come.

Easy to Use:

MGN Builders Merchants offers a variety of cement dye options to suit your needs. Choose from:

  • Bond It Powdered Cement Dye: This convenient powdered formula mixes easily with dry cement for consistent colour throughout your project. (Available in Black - BDH060BL and Red - BDH060R)
  • Cement Colour 1L: For larger projects, our pre-mixed liquid colour provides a fast and efficient way to achieve a uniform tint. (Available in Black - BDH066)

What is the difference between powdered and liquid cement dye?

Powdered cement dye is mixed directly with dry cement for a consistent colour throughout your project. It's ideal for smaller projects or when you need precise colour control.

Liquid cement dye is pre-mixed and can be added directly to your concrete mix. It's a faster and easier option for larger projects.

How much cement dye should I use?

The amount of dye you'll need depends on the desired colour intensity. Generally, a smaller amount will produce a subtle tint, while a larger amount will create a bolder colour. For best results, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions on the specific product you choose.

Do I need to seal coloured concrete?

Yes, sealing your coloured concrete helps protect it from staining, fading, and moisture damage. MGN Builders Merchants offers a variety of concrete sealers to suit your project needs.

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