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Limestone & Sandstone

MGN Builders Merchants offers trade quality sandstone and limestone patio slabs that are sourced from trusted and reliable manufacturers. The stone paving will complement your garden by adding a traditional, and contemporary look and enhancing the overall appearance. 

Natural stone paving is widely chosen because of it is amazing features, durability, colour variation and textures it offers.  Limestone or sandstone? -  it could be quite difficult to decide which stone paving type would suit your particular project especially if you are not experienced in this field at all.  In this guide, we will compare both and hopefully put some light on the principal difference and help you to make the right decision. 


Indian Stone Durability


Both types are consistent and dense, patio stone slabs are capable to withstand diverse weather conditions as they have lower water content and are more resistant to moisture absorption. This makes them ideal for outdoor space and patio solutions especially in areas prone to rain.


Indian Stone Appearance 


There is a noticeable difference in the colour choice that sandstone offers compared to limestone patio slabs.  At MGN builders Merchants our range varies from Autumn Brown including Porcelain tiles to Raj Blend and Camel Dust.  Whereas limestone is quite consistent in colour, the choice is relatively smaller ranging from buff grey, blue-grey and blue-black. 

The great advantage of both patio stones is that natural stone colour reflects the rock layers and natural shades and other colours present in, it ranging from pale creams, greys beiges and rich browns.  Importantly to note that sandstone and limestone paving tend to change the colour once wet leading to alter the colour of stone paving. 


Indian Stone Texture


The natural characteristics of stone paving are quite different, where the limestone tend to be smoother which makes it an ideal option for driveways,  and the sandstone is more uneven and textured with the sawn finish is ideal for contemporary outdoor garden designs.


What is Calibrated Sandstone?


The term Calibrated sandstone paving means that the paving has been sawn to secure and optimal even standard thickness to a tolerance of + 2mm, this measure guarantees the high-quality finish and consistent pack weight.


Patio Packs


Most of the sandstone and limestone paving slabs come in prepared patio packs that are especially popular among our DIY customers who have less experience and prefer to follow the laying pattern as a guide. The patio packs offer a great advantage of gorgeous, ready designs and enable to avoid wastage. Sandstone and limestone paving packs normally consist of 4 - 5 different sized slabs.  


Paving Circles


Stone paving has got an option of a beautiful paving circle kit that can be purchased separately.  The circle paving is an amazing landscaping design solution that will transform your garden adding that unique, luxury the same time classic touch for a seating area and not only. The sandstone paving circle patio kit includes pre-cut centre stone for the inner ring and slabs for the outer wider ring that will enable the creation of a circle about 3-meter across.


To conclude, your choice will purely depend on your own preference, project specifications and property type. So, whichever natural stone you choose be sure that you will equally benefit from amazing features of both stone paving have to offer from the stunning natural colour range to the choice of textures. 

MGN Builders Merchants guarantees to supply the highest quality sandstone from India that is calibrated to a consistent thickness with sawn edges allowing easy laying.  To provide your garden patio project even more unique and finished appearance we supply a range of paving circles and edging sets. We have all that you need to complete your garden patio project such as finishing sand & jointing compounds including easy joint basalt. To add that complete finish look we have a selection path edging brindles and cobbles.




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