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Engineering Bricks


What are Engineering Bricks?


Engineering bricks are blocks characterised by high compression strength and minimal moisture absorption. Unlike their counterparts facing bricks, engineering bricks UK are preferred for their physical features and not their exterior look. They are typically categorised solely based on their physical appearance.
Conventionally, they were utilised in civil engineering, especially in applications where strength and resistance to moisture are key considerations, e.g., retaining walls, manholes, sewers, etc.
These bricks are classified into two categories; Class A and Class B. Though class B engineering brick is more popular, Class A engineering bricks are more robust, with compressive strength exceeding 125N/mm2 and moisture absorption below 4.5%.
On the other hand, Class B engineering brick offers a compressive strength exceeding 75N/mm2 and moisture absorption below 7%.
For many years, perforated engineering bricks were predominantly available in red colour, but blue engineering bricks for sale are commonly available nowadays.

Benefits of Engineering Bricks

• They are strong and thus used in applications that require higher strength compression.
• They are durable – engineering bricks, either class A or B, are made from strong materials that stand the test of time. The bricks don't rot, corrode, rust, or burn and don't need any paint for finishing.
• Low maintenance – once installed, they don’t require any additional work.
• Environmentally sustainable.
• They can be utilised in various applications.

Applications of Engineering Bricks

Unlike facing blocks, engineering bricks aren’t ideal if you want to attain great curb appeal. This is because these bricks are not meant for improving the façade's aesthetic look. Therefore, they come in handy in projects where strength, stability, and resistance to moisture are major concerns, such as;
• Groundworks
• Civil engineering
• Sewage systems
• Utility holes
• Retaining walls
Therefore, it is evident that engineering bricks are ideal for structures that require strong and durable blocks that can hold out harsh environments. Other likely uses for perforated engineering bricks are construction work that needs materials with a high degree of compression strength. Class A engineering bricks are ideal for parts of constructions that are extended or exposed, thus vulnerable to extreme weathering.
Engineering bricks are more applicable from a practical point of view thanks to their strength, durability, and absorbency to water. Our online building materials store offers two primary colours to choose from, either red engineering bricks or blue engineering bricks, the range includes solid engineering bricks or perforated engineering bricks.
The current selection includes Class B bricks, and they are available in 65 mm size and sold in a pack of 380 or 400. To complete your bricklaying project, we have all the necessary building materials online such as trowels, wall starters and other bricklaying tools. Shop cheap engineering bricks online and get the delivered free the same day.
If you have any question regarding bricks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01708985022 or email at 
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