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Electricity & Lighting

MGN Builders Merchants is your one-stop destination for a comprehensive array of electrical solutions. Safeguard your electrical systems with our wiring accessories category, featuring essential components like circuit breakers, junction boxes, and fuses to ensure safety and prevent damage. Simplify your wiring setup with our cable management options, including cable ties, cable capping, and conduits, promoting a neat and efficient wiring system for both residential and commercial applications. Explore our electrical tools, lighting & cables category, where you'll find tools such as portable transformers and smoke, heat, and smoke/heat/carbon monoxide alarms, alongside practical solutions like high-quality cable reels and reliable extension leads to facilitate efficient cable management and extension of your electrical devices. At MGN Builders Merchants, we prioritize safety, organization, and efficiency across all our categories, providing you with the products you need to illuminate your spaces with confidence. Explore our diverse range today and welcome a brighter, more organized future!

Now, let us introduce you to a selection of top-tier products from MGN Builders Merchants, crafted with precision and innovation to meet the diverse needs of modern electrical systems:

Electrical cables:

High-Performance Cables:

  • Elevate your electrical infrastructure with our range of high-performance cables. Our twin and earth cables offer robust performance, providing a reliable and efficient connection for power transmission. Meanwhile, our 3 core & earth cables offer versatility, allowing for flexible applications in various electrical systems.

Coaxial Cables:

  • Experience superior signal transmission with our coaxial cables. Whether you're enhancing your home entertainment system or optimizing data communication, our coaxial cables deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Stay connected with clarity and precision.


Designer Downlight:

  • Enhance your living space with our designer downlights. These sleek, modern lights not only provide focused, efficient lighting, but also serve as stylish accents that enhance the aesthetics of your home or commercial environment.

LED light bulb:

  • Experience the future of energy-efficient lighting with our LED bulbs. Our LED bulbs are designed to brighten your space while reducing energy consumption. They offer long-lasting performance, exceptional brightness, and a variety of color temperatures to suit your preferences.

LED Tubes:

  • Upgrade your lighting systems with our LED tubes. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, our LED tubes provide consistent and high-quality lighting, replacing traditional fluorescent tubes for enhanced energy efficiency and a longer lifespan.

Site Lights:

  • Illuminate your workspaces with our powerful and portable site lights. Built for durability and efficiency, these lights are perfect for construction sites, outdoor events, or any area that requires temporary but intense lighting. Experience reliability and visibility wherever your projects take you.

We offer reliable and timely shipping options to deliver your radiant lighting solutions straight to your door. If something that you require is not present on the website, please feel free to get in touch with us at sales@mgnbm.co.uk alternatively, please call 01708985022 and be sure we will source the products you are looking for.

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