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Silicone Render

At MGN Builders Merchants, we supply a wide range of silicone render colours from light colours such as polar white, to brighter colours- terracotta. We offer Thin Coat ranges specifically formulated for application on cement or insulation boards. These products are thinner in consistency, providing the necessary flexibility to accommodate the movement in these substrates. On the other hand, our Scraped Texture ranges are applied in thicker layers and are specifically designed for brick or blockwork substrates.


What is K rend?


K Rend is a pigmented silicone rendering material specifically designed for the external walls of your house. It serves as a substitute for traditional elements like sand, cement, paint, or bricks. The colour pigment is integrated into the render, eliminating the need for a separate painting application. 


Is K-rend better than sand, cement and paint?


K rend eliminates the need for painting, making future property maintenance easier and more cost-effective. With no requirement for repainting, your property will retain its pristine appearance for an extended period. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle of paint layers bubbling or cracking.


How long does K rendering last?


K Render should not crack or get damaged if correctly applied. If the product is applied correctly the K Render should last about 30 years. K Rend provides a convenient finish that only requires an annual cleaning, just like the maintenance required for your patio.


On what backgrounds are you able to render?


The correct specification allows for the application of K Rend to all masonry substrates. Additionally, certain K Rend products are suitable for use on cement boards and various insulation backgrounds. It is not advised to apply k render on the existing render as it might not be stable enough and the additional render layer could come off and crack. 


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