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Concrete Lintels

MGN Builders Merchants is proud to offer various types of concrete lintels at a reasonable price. Check our website to compare various concrete lintel products and choose the one that fits your budget and project requirements.

If you cannot get a specific kind of concrete lintel you need for your project, and you would want to discover more about our products, or you’re not sure whether a specific concrete lintel product is fit for your structure, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of lintel experts on 01708 985 022. You can also fill the form under ‘Contact Us’ and we will address whatever query you have.


What Are Concrete Lintels?


Concrete lintels are structural horizontal support beams made of concrete that spans an opening between two vertical loads, usually a door or a window.

Though there are various types of lintels, the prestressed concrete lintel is preferred by most builders because it is inexpensive and offers strong support for structures.


Types of Concrete Lintels


There are three types:

  • Standard prestressed lintel
  • Fair-faced lintel.
  • High-strength lintel.

All these lintel types are prestressed. This implies that they have an enhanced strength since a steel wire is fixed through the middle of the lintel during the manufacturing process.

Standard Prestressed Lintel


This has been an indispensable part of the UK construction industry for more than five decades. This concrete lintel type is designed with structural strength in mind. It is utilised in various masonry applications such as supporting concrete floor weights, roof loads and timber floor weights.

Our concrete lintel prices are affordable and builders and homeowners can choose from a wide variety of prestressed concrete lintels sizes available in our store. The sizes range from 900mm in length to 3000mm. However, the common variations are prestressed concrete lintel 100mm x 65mm, 140mm x 100mm, and 215mm x 65mm.

Fair Faced Lintel


As the name suggests, this type of prestressed lintels has a ‘fair surface’ i.e. they have a smooth type C finish. Just like standard prestressed lintel, they also support a variety of weights.

High Strength Lintel


If you intend to support a heavy structural load, then you should opt for high strength lintel. It is made to offer support to heavy loads and therefore, it is an excellent alternative to standard prestressed lintel. It can support different loads including concrete floor loads or even DLS exceeding 140kN/m.


What Are Concrete Lintels Used For?


There are various applications of prestressed lintels. These lintels are meant to support:

  • Concrete floor loads
  • Masonry loads
  • Attic truss loads
  • Evenly distributed timber floor weights
  • Point loads such as steel beams and compound trusses.
  • Evenly distributed roof loads

Building a home shouldn’t be a stressful undertaking if you know where to get quality building materials. Our standard prestressed lintel will ensure that the structural integrity of your building is unshakable. Our online store has a variety of lintels sizes you may need and whatever other building materials you may require during the construction. Why look further when you have everything at your doorstep and at such competitive prices.

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