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Plywood Sheets

Browse our range of trade quality plywood selection sourced and supplied to us by the leading manufacturers, available in a range of sizes including 8x4 plywood, thicknesses and types to suit any construction project requirements. MGN Builders Merchants is one of the leading plywood suppliers that covers whole London and Essex offering free plywood delivery.

Our current selection includes exterior plywood sheets and interior thin wood sheets of 12mm plywood, 9mm plywood and 5.5mm plywood

The guide below will familiarise you with some key information you need to be aware of when selecting plywood for your construction project. 


Plywood plays a key role in the construction and DIY projects as it is a cost-effective and durable alternative to wood. There are many types of plywood that differ in materials, grades, rating and number of veneers. This guide will explain some key features you need to be aware of such as variation of plywood, their grades, their use and application.

What is plywood?


Plywood is a type of wood-based panel-shaped sheet material that is made of thin layers of veneers or plies that are glued along the grain. The ply board is normally formed of an odd number of plie sheets and so the strength and durability of those are controlled by the number of veneer layers glued in.


Types of Plywood




The softwood plywood consists of a face and back veneer made of softwoods like redwood, pine or cedar. This type of plywood sheet is mainly used in structural applications, exterior frames, sheathing and subflooring applications.



Hardwood plywood also reffered to as shuttering plywood is normally manufactured of 3 or 7 layers of wood veneers glued in such a way that the plies of wood are laid at a right angle to one another creating exceptionally strong, cost-effective alternatives to solid wood. Hardwoods are ideal for packaging cases, furniture making and sporting equipment productions or in other types of projects where strong frames are required. Our range includes 18mm hardwood plywood, birch plywood 18mm

Aircraft plywood


This is the highest grade of plywood that is manufactured from mahogany or birch resulting in the production of durable sheet materials that can withstand heat and moisture. This type of hardwood plywood is utilised where industrial strength and high load-bearing capacity is required, like aeroplane and boat construction.

Exterior plywood


The exterior type of plywood, also known as construction-grade plywood, will typically be made of numerous veneers glued together also known as multi-ply. The exterior type of plywood board is produced using water and weather-resistant glue,  therefore, for example, the use of exterior plywood sheets in exterior construction will provide a sturdy frame base for many years to come. Our wide range of extetiot grade plywood consists of WBP Plywood including wbp plywood 18mm , 12mm wbp plywood.


Marine plywood


The marine-grade plywood is mistakenly classed as waterproof however this is not the case. The marine plywood is produced applying the same method of layered construction using water-resistant exterior glue. It is still one of the best high graded ply boards in the market. However, the initial manufacturing process does not evolve chemical treatments so the rot, decay and mould is still an issue unless the panels are treated with pressure preservatives. The marine ply is a structural type of plywood and is predominantly used in outdoor productions and in decorative exterior projects. Our current range includes marine plywood 18mm and 12mm marine plywood.

Structural plywood


These types of structural boards have been produced using phenol-formaldehyde resin or A Bond type of glue that ensures the boards are resistant to moisture ingress. As the name suggests - structural plywood is intended for structural applications like d hoarding construction.

The strength of Plywood is also distinguished by the number of veneers or plies, ranging from 3 to 13 layers - being the strongest. Each plywood type will have its specific characteristics and application specifications.

When manufacturers create the plyboard the strength and thicknesses will strongly depend on the number of layers of wood veneers used. The plywood grade depends on the plywood thickness, so the project you are working on, especially in external wall and roofing applications, will require you to meet the specific standards for a number of plies.

3-Ply Plywood

The plywood that consists of three layers appears more decorative but still strong and durable and is predominantly used for indoor applications.

5-ply plywood

As the name suggests this type has five layers of veneers and is also utilised in projects where less durability and strength is required - mostly internal applications.

7 ply plywood +

The 7- ply, 9 - ply and 13 - ply plywood boards are known as multi-ply panels, these consist of several veneers making them exceptionally strong ideal sheet materials for exterior projects such as roofing.

Regardless of the size of your construction project, be sure that we can supply the cheap plywood sheets you require at the most competitive prices,deliver your order promptly and in some cases the same day. If you are in doubt about what sheet materials would be suitable for your project please get in touch with our team of experts who will be able to guide you in the selection process and provide you with a good deal when you buy in bulk.

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