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Wall Reinforcement & Wall Ties

Explore our comprehensive range of products designed to enhance the structural integrity of walls and masonry, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability.

Masonry reinforcement mesh is a vital component in reinforcing walls and providing additional support to masonry structures. Our galvanized Masonry Reinforcement Mesh, measuring 63mm x 20m, 112mm x 20m, and 175mm x 20m, is designed to resist corrosion and provide robust reinforcement for various construction applications.

For securely tying brickwork and masonry together, our Stainless Steel Type 4 Wall Ties offer superior strength and durability. Available in various lengths and pack sizes to accommodate different wall thicknesses and project needs, these wall ties provide reliable anchorage and stability, ensuring the integrity of your walls in all conditions.

Additionally, our galvanized Wire Netting Mesh, measuring 25mm x 900mm and extending up to 25 meters, serves multiple purposes in wall reinforcement, including plaster reinforcement, bird protection, and general construction applications.

Whether you're reinforcing brickwork, stabilizing masonry walls, or protecting against external elements, MGN Builders Merchants has the wall reinforcement and wall ties you need to achieve superior structural integrity. Browse our selection today and invest in top-quality solutions for your construction needs.

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  1. 25mm Wire Netting Mesh Galvanised 10m x 900mm WN9002510
    25mm Wire Netting Mesh Galvanised 10m x 900mm WN9002510
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