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Steel Lintels

Steel lintels provide one of the most effective, simple, and pocket-friendly ways of adding structural strength to your building. Whether you need standard cavity lintels, box lintels, or L-shaped lintels, you will find them here. Filter by position, product name, or price on the top.


Need help to select the right type of steel lintel from our selection? Reach out to us via phone on 01708 985 022 or scroll down and fill the form. One of our representatives will contact you and answer all your questions.


Enjoy our free delivery across Essex and London if you place a minimum order of £300+VAT. Want to find out more before you buy steel lintel? Read the guide below.


What Are Steel Lintels?


There are various kinds of lintels classified based on the materials used to make them. One of these elements is steel, used for steel lintels. These lintels are engineered from pre-galvanized steel to offer them more tensile strength. The steel is expurgated into desired measurements and hard-pressed or roll-compressed into the right shape.


Most builders prefer steel lintels because of their lightweight. They are effortless to work with on the site. Besides, steel lintel cost is relatively lower compared to other lintel types. To be invisible above the door opening, the lintel can be uniquely shaped thanks to its versatility. Due to this steel’s property, it can be tailored to suit particular building specifications, i.e. if it is intended to be used on a bow and bay windows, which have a unique shape.


Types of Steel Lintels?


Here at MGN Builders Merchants, we provide one of the largest ranges of steel lintels in the United Kingdom. We offer three types of steel lintels to give our clients a broad range to choose from. Our collection includes:


Standard Cavity Steel Lintels


This type is made to offer support to masonry loads and evenly distributed timber floor weights and roof weights. The installation of standard cavity lintels is effortless and its galvanised finish implies durable, tough, and high thermal efficiency.


Our most popular variations are L1/S50 standard cavity lintel, L1/S75 standard cavity lintel, and LS/S100 standard cavity lintel with lengths ranging from 900mm to 4800mm.


L Shape Lintels (also called Single Leaf)


L-shape lintels enhance support to 100m single-leave cavity walls. Its cross-section is L-shaped, hence the name. It is designed from high-grade pre-galvanised steel and has absolute protection from corrosion.


We supply IG 10 L-Shape lintel ranging from a minimum length of 750mm to 3000mm.


Standard Box Lintel (also called Solid Wall box lintels)


Standard box steel lintels are used in 100mm wide walls to support the opening load. Sometimes they are propped to quicken the construction process. They are utilised in both external and internal openings in different wall thicknesses.

The common type of box steel lintel that we offer is Box200 standard box lintel with varying lengths from 900mm to 3600mm.

Other types of steel lintels include:


Rolled steel lintels


RS or rolled steel are preferred types of lintels for high loading conditions. They are specifically meant for wider window or door openings that are easily recognisable by their red-oxide surface finish.


Closed eaves lintels


As the name suggests, these lintels come in handy in eave applications. They lack load on the outer leaf, so all the weight is taken by the inner leaf.


Timber frame steel lintels


Commonly referred to as TF, these ones lack inner leaf but instead are specially made to be fixed to the timber frame. They come with restraining clips.

Special lintels


Some openings will require custom-made lintels due to their unique shapes where common lintels may not be appropriate. In this case, special lintels are used to suit specific arc requirements. Since they can be tailor-made, there are many variations available such as apex, gothic arc, segmental, parabolic, etc.

What Are Steel Lintels Used For?


  • Rolled steel lintels are meant for applications with extreme loading like masonry loads, point loads, concrete floor loads, etc.
  • Steel lintels with closed eaves are normally utilised in standard truss roof weights.
  • Standard box steel lintels are meant to back point loads, floor weights, masonry weights, and attic truss weights.
  • Special steel lintels are engineered to back weights in unique designs such as corner lintels, gothic arcs, semi-circular arc, square bay lintels, parabolic arcs, apex lintel, segmental arc.


The versatility of steel or metal lintel allows it to be utilised in diverse applications. Steel lintel prices are also low and that is a primary reason to choose steel for your lintels. Browse our broad selection of steel lintels today and choose the right one that you need.

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