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OSB T&G Board 18 x 600 x 2400mm (OSB3)

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Product information

OSB 3 Tongue and Groove is a strong and versatile timber panel that is manufactured to the same standard as OSB3, but it has the addition of tongue and grooved edges. OSB boards are made of softwood flakes and strips, which are coated with adhesive resin and hot-pressed to produce a structural panel.

The structural T&G board is designed to be a good choice for platform floors and easy to install because of its edges, which make them fit together like puzzles.


Use & Application

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Walls sheathing
  • Exterior projects (sheds, hoardings)
  • Display boards


  • High-quality OSB 3 tongue and groove with a smooth surface, no knots or voids or delaminating issues which allows it to be easily manoeuvred
  • Designed for load-bearing applications
  • OSB T&G requires a minimal amount of gluing and nailing thanks to the interlocking system
  • It is suitable for structural applications in humid conditions
  • Tongue and groove roof boards are versatile and durable thanks to the layered method of production, the board is very strong making it perfect alternatives in different applications
  • Ecologically friendly
Length 2400mm
Width 590mm
Thickness 18mm
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