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Standard Plasterboard

The variation of plasterboards is very wide, each type is intended for a particular purpose. Some are ideal for general construction applications, whereas others can only be used for a particular type of application project. So it is very important to understand their key features and uses before selecting one.  

Our current standard plasterboard selection offers trade-quality plasterboard sheets at the most competitive prices. We currently have a 12.5mm plasterboard and 9.5mm wallboards available in both square and tapered edge plasterboard profiles. Let’s look at some key factors you need to be aware of when considering standard plasterboard for your project.

What is standard plasterboard?


The plasterboard is also referred to as drywall, gypsum board, and wallboard; it is made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) and then hot pressed between a facer and backer to form a durable wall panel. The standard plasterboard provides basic performance for a wide range of dry lining applications.

Use & Applications of plasterboard.


The standard drywall sheets are typically produced in 1200mm wide sheets and designed for standard residential and commercial internal wall applications, in construction of partitioning walls and ceiling, where the minimal levels of the fire, water, and acoustic resistance is required.  The standard plasterboard is typically produced in square and tapered edges profiles where one side usually has a distinctive ivory colour indicating suitability for direct painting or wallpapering. 

The advantages of using plasterboard.


  • Economical 

The plasterboard sheets are ideal for tight budget construction projects, it's extremely cost-effective without compromising the quality standard for construction and the final result.

  • Easy installation 

The boards are very easy to work with, they can be easily shaped and cut into the required sizes. Only a few tools are required during the installation process either nails, screws,  fasteners, or staples. The wallboard is lightweight and therefore can easily be glued to various surfaces. 

  •   Versatility

The gypsum board is an ideal material when it comes to the creation of various element designs of architectural requirements.   The boards are incomparable to any other surfacing products when it comes to decoration projects thanks to their unique properties that resulted in reliable and easy application repair and adaptability. 

MGN Builders Merchants guarantees trade quality drywall supply at the most competitive prices offering prompt, free next-day delivery. If you are ever in doubt about the plasterboard thickness or size selection do not hesitate to contact our team of experts who will be able to guide you in your selection process, simply call us on 01708985022 or email us at ecommerce@mgnbm.co.uk.

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