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MGN Builders Merchants is the number one choice building materials store when it comes to buying quality building materials online. Regardless of the size of the project, - MGN is a well-known building materials supplier of top-quality building products for the most competitive prices. The company has been in the industry for many years and has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of construction material essentials. Discover our building supplies online range  or simply visit our branches in Woodford and Romford for easy and instant collection, alternatively free the same delivery is always an option for our clients.

What building materials are used in construction?


What is building materials? Building materials are any materials that are used for construction purposes for example to complete a house building project, to build a wooden extension or lay a patio.

The list of the most popular product used in construction is very broad and will surely depend on the building project you are currently working on building project specifications, requirements and budget. Below we have carefully selected the list of products that are widely used and chosen.

Bricks & Blocks

Our selection of top-quality bricks come in the choice of different styles, finishes and a variety of colours and textures. We have bricks to suit almost any contemporary property wall. For more specialised heavy structural brickworks, where greater durability is required, we stock Class A and Class B engineering bricks. We also stock concrete common blocks that are high in thermal conductivity and density values and therefore suitable for almost all types of construction.

Cements & Aggregates

Do you need to create effective load-bearing support for pavement and pathways? MGN Builders Merchants has got you covered, we have a great selection of sharp, building sand and ballast. Our sand and aggregates are available in both maxi bag and trade bag sizes. Our wide selection of decorative stones will give an attractive addition to your new garden or driveway project and bags of chippings will help with drainage.


Supporting lintels are widely used for aperture in a window or ceiling to name a few. Our range includes concrete lintels, they are widely used for timber frames when additional support is required. Do you need to distribute the load evenly? Then supporting padstones will ensure the correct installation and fitting, they are stocked in different sizes and weights.

Building Chemicals

Finish off your project with our range of building and cleaning chemicals. We have a wide selection of jointing, cleaning, and waterproofing solutions for your project. For smooth wall finishes our jointing compound will do the work fixing those lumps, bumps, and blemishes. For sealing, we have a great range of waterproofing agents that can be used for screed and rendering. Just to name a few, for our full list of building chemicals please browse online.


MGN selection of metalwork and fixings includes timber joist hangers, heavy-duty strap hangers these essentials are available in different specifications. Timber joist hangers are available with masonry supported joist hangers and adjustable timber to timber joist hangers.  Please browse our metalwork category online and be sure to find all the metalwork building materials for your project.

Roofing & Ventilation

Whether you are restoring an old roof or building a new one, here at MGN we have everything you need to complete your roofing project. We can supply you with a full range of high-quality roofing products, accessories, as well as roof tiles and slates.  For flat roof projects, we have an extensive range of fibreglass roofing materials, corrugated sheet roofing products and roofing felts


It is particularly important to add damp proofing protection to your project in order to protect the building from deterioration of foundations and walls. We have a choice of (DPC) Damp proofing course and (DPM) damp proofing membrane, these two products will protect the building from moisture ingress and any further damage.


How to choose the right building products for your project?


It can be a particularly challenging task when it comes to choosing the right building materials for your construction project.  The selection process can be exceptionally complicated and time-consuming for first time builders who have a lack construction experience.  The information below will guide you through some, particularly important criteria to consider when choosing the right building products for your project.

Whereas the cost of products may be a big driver in the selection process, for others the sustainability may be of great importance. The quality of the project is predominantly dependant on the materials you choose, and they will define the overall durability and endurance of your construction project.


Factors to consider when choosing building materials


Below are some key factors to consider when choosing construction materials for your project.


Cost is the most crucial factor when choosing materials because, in the long run, it will protect your project. It is particularly important to look at the lifespan of the products, for example, buying substandard materials you may end up having to restore them sooner and this ends up being is costly.  Whereas the considerate selection of quality products will serve well for the long term and will be cost-efficient. 


The materials you choose should respond well to the climate where the construction project is taking place. Things like an average extent of heat or cold during the year, snowfall or rain, amount of ventilation are just some factors to consider.


When the climate has been established it will narrow your search a little. Some materials are more resilient to moisture and corrosion and others degenerate quickly in humid conditions. So selected materials must have the strength and durability that is required for the specific climate conditions.  The ideal materials should demand little maintenance and replacement and last through the actual life of the building.

Aesthetic Appeal

It is important to consider the taste, specifications and needs before selecting materials for your project as everyone is different. The type of material you choose might change the appearance of the whole project. For instance, some people prefer stone masonry buildings and other brick masonry construction.  It is vital to consider the above-mentioned factors, however, the aesthetic appeal of your project will be mostly determined by the budget and climate conditions.

Building supplies near me by MGN Builders Merchants has got you covered all our building products are sourced from the most reputable building materials suppliers, so you can be rest assured that the building essentials that you purchase from MGN are of top quality and at the most competitive prices. 

Please get in touch with our friendly and experienced customer service team who will be able to assist you with product-related enquiries that you might have.  We can be reached by calling  01708985022 alternatively you can email our e-commerce team at ecommerce@mgnbm.co.uk.

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