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Floor Insulation

Are you in need of trade quality floor insulation at the most affordable price? Do not look any further than MGN Builders Merchants. We are always stocked up with all the necessary insulation supplies, so one-stop building materials shopping is what we offer here at MGN. Our current range includes PIR insulation boards, Jablite expanded polystyrene sheets (EPS) in a variation of sizes. If you are in doubt on what type of insulation is right for your construction project, then please read on to learn more about the range that we offer, their benefits and applications.

What is floor insulation?


Floor insulation is the most effective and simple way to reduce energy bills and keep your home warm and draught free. There are different methods applied in floor construction, so the type of under floor insulation you need will depend on the type of floor your property currently has. There are two types of floors: suspended wooden floor and solid floor, they also have different characteristics. For instance, a suspended floor is more prone to losing heat in comparison to a solid type of floor. 

What is polystyrene insulation? 


Expanded polystyrene insulation also referred to as EPS is a closed-cell lightweight and rigid insulation board that is produced from solid polystyrene beads. The EPS sheets are manufactured in different compressive strengths so that they can withstand the greater load, where the closed-cell structure ensures minimal water absorption.

EPS is a very versatile insulating material thanks to its physical and mechanical properties. It is suitable for most roof, walls and foundation applications, serving an integral purpose as a structural insulated panel, exterior insulation system and insulated concrete form. 

The long term thermal insulation is not affected by ageing, thanks to the manufacturing process. The Jablite insulation is very flexible and easy to work with, the sheets can be cut into slabs or any desired size or design without compromising the quality and durability of the insulation product.

What is PIR insulation?


PIR insulation board is a thermoset polymeric material that combines isocyanates and polyols, by cross-linking chemicals it results in the production of robust material that is resistant to extreme temperatures and does not melt when heated. It is the most efficient insulation material in the construction industry that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

When comparing the PIR board with other traditional insulation materials it is evident that it's more energy-efficient. Nowadays the boards are manufactured in such a way that it comprises a rigid PIR insulation core bonded/sandwiched with aluminium foil. The PIR panels eliminate the thermal bridges, they are very easy to work with and can be cut and shaped, the panels are resistant to the passage of water vapour and unaffected by water infiltration. Common uses:

  • Insulating sheathing materials on timber or steel frames
  • Ventilated cladding with timber frame
  • On external masonry constructions 
  • Pitched and flat roofs


MGN Builders Merchants has a wide range of floor insulation panels, PIR insulation boards in a range of sizes, such as 100mm PIR insulation,  50mm insulation boards and 25mm insulation board just browse our selection of insulation panels online. Alternatively, get in touch with an experienced customer service team who will be able to guide you through the available options and provide you with advice.

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  1. 50mm Claymaster 2400mm x 1200mm (8' x 4')
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  3. 100mm Claymaster 2400mm x 1200mm (8' x 4')
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