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Facing Bricks

Facing bricks are a type of building bricks that are meant to be visible and they have been façade materials of choice particularly in the housing market for many years. To achieve that, the production process involves a variety of manufacturing techniques that enables the creation of very distinctive performance qualities and aesthetic effects. We currently stock about 240 variations of cheap facing bricks they are all sourced from well-known manufacturers such as Ibstock facing bricks, Wienerberger, Forterra.

What are Facing Bricks?

As the name suggests, facing bricks are bricks manufactured to be utilised as facing, i.e., the exterior of a building's wall. Since facing bricks UK have the biggest impact on the external aesthetic appeal of a building it is particularly important to select the right product for your project.
The wirecut or extruded are the most popular brick types. They are manufactured from fired clay, mortar is used for reinforcement, then it is bonded with cement, sand, and water. These bricks are immediately recognisable from the standard brickwork since they are more exacting in shape, size in comparison to mud soft or clay bricks. They vary in a selection of colours, from the classic red facing bricks (rustic) to contemporary smooth blue facing bricks, grey facing bricks, browns, buff facing bricks and yellow facing bricks. The texture of the bricks plays a key role, the light texture and smooth bricks will compliment modern buildings, whereas glazed textures and solid edges will add that additional advantage that will influence the price point. For a more worn weathered look, the heavily textured bricks would suit the most.

Benefits of Facing Bricks

• Increases the value of your home –The first aspect that potential buyers will notice when assessing your home is your home's beauty, thanks to face bricks. The stand out view of the face bricks is just unparalleled, and buyers will be willing to pay any amount for your home.
• Wide variety to choose from –the face bricks for sale are available in a myriad of shades, surface textures, and shapes that provide a broad range of design selections to ensure that you achieve a head-turning appearance without compromising quality and value.
• Apt for the latest trends –most face bricks are made using traditional methods, but currently, manufacturers are incorporating a touch of modern architectural elements.
• Fire-resistant-facing bricks are built strong, and this contributes to their fire-resistance properties. In case of fire, they can stand for a long time and prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of your home.
• Enhanced thermal insulation –clay bricks offer a high degree of energy efficiency and are used in most UK homes. On the other hand, facing bricks UK is manufactured from clay or concrete and offer an enhanced thermal insulation property.
• Eco-friendly–when it comes to environmental sustainability, facing bricks tick all the requirements in a manner that rarely any other construction material can match.
• Less maintenance–facing bricks are maintenance-free, i.e., you will spend little time and resources to keep them looking great.
• Facing bricks are resistant to warping, fading, peeling, rotting, denting, rusting, and termite infestation. Therefore, their appearance is not easily compromised.
• Less expensive –Facing bricks already have a superb design and aesthetic look, and thus no need to add whitewash or extra paint to make your home look attractive. From a cost-saving point of view, this makes the face brick cost low. Besides, zero maintenance is needed, and this leads to savings in the long run.
• Energy-efficient –we have noted that facing bricks provide great insulation. The bricks control heat loss and gain in your home, hence contributing to overall energy saving.

What Are Facing Bricks Used For

Facing bricks can be used in varied applications, whether it is a new built or a renovation project. They are used for:
•Cavity walls
•Garden walls
•Decorative interior walls
•Designing of eye-catching exterior walls
Undoubtedly, when it comes to the home's curb appeal, every builder wants to accomplish that without investing too much into décor. We believe by utilising facing bricks, you will be able to achieve just that. Our wide selection of facing bricks will be able to provide you with the optimal choice of colours, finishes and textures. In our online store, you have a choice to order pallets of bricks or purchase them individually. Please browse our building materials catalogues for essential damp proofing course and other floor ventilation and wall ventilation essentials of your choice.
Please get in touch with our experienced customer service team who will be able to guide you on the selection process and available range of facing brick for sale including tbs bricks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01708 985022 or via email at sales@mgnbm.co.uk.
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