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Timbers & Joinery

We offer a comprehensive range of quality timber products, whether it is a small DIY or a big construction project. MGNBM is your local timber merchants that have an extensive range of wood supply will be able to fulfil the requirements of any building projects. MGN Builder Merchants is reliable and trusted by many timber merchants and timber supplier London that offers quality timber supplies at the most competitive prices. Our stock is supplied by the leading manufacturers, so our client can be rest assured we supply only quality building materials at the most competitive trade prices. MGN Timber Merchants Essex offers free same day cheap timber delivery in London and Essex.

The current selection includes sheet materialstimbersmouldingscladding and timber flooring boards to name a few. Buy timber onlne at the lowest prices in London including 3x2 treated timber and 7x2 timber.

The information below will guide you through the available product options, their use and applications so that you can make an optimal selection that will fulfil the requirements of your construction project specifications. 



Timber is a type of processed wood that is used in a wide range of building applications. It is also one of the oldest building materials and is still preferred by architects because of its versatility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness compared to other building products.



The timber materials are chosen based on many factors as they vary by the working properties, aesthetic appearance, their function, production process, and many more. So, it is important to understand the difference, so that you can choose the product for the intended purpose. The timber materials are manufactured from different woods, there are two main categories the wood is classified into, softwood and hardwood, depending on the type of tree the timber comes from. 

These are normally sold by lengths and they are identified as boards, planks, and mouldings. The type of timber that has proportional dimensions are known as planks and boards, and the type that has a decorative pattern is known as spindle moulding and is widely used in skirting boards. The timber that is produced from hardwood is considered to be denser and heavier than softwoods and normally used in the construction of walls, ceilings and floors. 

There is also a choice of rough and smooth sawn finish, where the rough cut finished timber is normally used in the production of garden fence posts and some other general building work. In contrast, the smooth cut finish or planed edge timber is available in two variations PSE – planed square edge and PAR planed all around. Here at MGN Builders Merchants, we have a wide range of PSE type of timber products such as redwood timber and different types of PSE pine mouldings.

To assist you in the selection process here are some key factors to consider when choosing timber for your project:

  • The way the timber is stained/treated or painted.
  • A type of profile that has been used.
  • The function and purpose
  • Anaesthetic appearance
  • Working properties 
  • Manufacturing process 
  • Cost 

We have timber for almost any construction project, whether you need to build the structural supporting frames, interior decoration, furniture, or for external use. Please read on to find out more about the timber products that we supply their use and application.

Timber Products


Timber Fence Posts – our range of wooden posts will not only act as a backbone and strength to your garden fence it will also provide extra durability, thanks to the pressure treated method of production. The timber posts are available in various widths and heights to suit any garden fencing project.

Carcassing Timberis a structurally graded softwood timber that is predominantly used where the grading stamp is required in constructions of floor and roof joists and timber framing. MGN Builders Merchants offer a selection of c16 timber as well as the C24 timber of your choice. 

Roofing Battens they are also referred to as latch for roofing or battening, essentially, they provide the fixing point for materials used in the construction of roofing systems. Battening is a widely used technique for a roofing system that can deliver a higher level of energy efficiency and is very durable and resistant to severe weather conditions.

Timber Firrings  is a strip of wood or a batten that is cut through the length diagonally, the specific shape of firring is important when laid on top of roof joists for a flat roof installation to create a fall. 

Our online store offers quality treated timber firings, 4.8m firrings, as well as the 3,6m firrings, which are always in stock. 

CLS Timber -is a strong and durable structural timber board that is predominantly used for internal applications. The cls wood board is produced from kiln-dried fir, pine, or spruce and then the boards are planned, treated, and shaped to provide that distinctive rounded edges. CLS stands for ‘Canadian Lumber Standard’ the method of production originated in Canada where the CLS timber boards were widely used for sturdy timber-framed houses. Our current selection includes 3x2 cls timber and 4x2 cls timber.

Decking – decking timber is a sustainable and versatile wood material that enables to design and maximise the space. There, are different decking types that can be utilised depending on the project specifications and the weather conditions the boards will be exposed to. Our current selection of decking supplies includes a range of decking accessories, timber slippers and softwood decking boards

Cladding – as the name suggests, timber cladding is a way of clad buildings in order to enhance the appearance, protect or add thermal and sound insulation properties. With added environmental credentials and cost-effectiveness, timber cladding is a material of choice for new build and residential extension projects. Our current selection includes the traditional Rebate shiplap timber cladding where the timber boards are interlocking with each other and the tongue and groove timber cladding which offers strength and durability thanks to the interlocking panels. 

Timber Based Materials 


Wood-based materials are playing an important role in the construction process one of the popular ones are sheet materials. Sheet materials are versatile wood boards that are produced from recycled or solid timber particles in the form of fibres, staves, and veneers, they are then hot pressed and bonded together with the addition of adhesive. They are used in almost all forms of structural and non-structural projects and interior designs. They are predominantly used in:

  • Flooring applications
  • Furniture making
  • Wall sheathing 
  • Roofing

The wood-based boards are produced in different grades and properties and should be chosen based on the project specification purpose.

For instance, wood panels like plywood are made from layers of wood whereas (MDF) medium density fibreboards are man-made panels that are produced from recycled material. The wood-based sheet materials function will vary greatly, as some wood panels might not be suitable for certain environments. If you are in doubt on what type of sheet materials would suit your particular project, please read on to find out the available options, their use and application.

Sheet Materials


Shuttering Plywood is a type of wood-based panel that is designed for shuttering or in other words for casting concrete on site. It has specific properties that make the wood panel weather-resistant and not stackable to concrete and therefore it is predominantly used in construction where the finish is not a requirement. Our shuttering ply is available in two sizes at the moment shuttering plywood 18mm and shuttering plywood 12mm.

Marine Plywood – is the hard-wearing, structural ply manufactured with quality, cross-laminated veneers. It has been designed for external applications such as joinery applications temporary structures, as they are resistant to humidity or dampness. Our online store currently stocks 18mm marine plywood and 12mm marine plywood.

Chipboard Sheets -or particleboard is made of wood chips that are produced in different dimensions and bonded together to form layered boards. It is widely used in cabinet making, ceiling and wall lining, and other general-purpose joinery. Our current selection consists of 18mm P5 Tongue & Groove Chipboard and 22mm P5 Moisture Resistant Tongue & Groove Chipboard.

MDF Board – stands for medium density fibreboard it is a type of versatile and cost-effective sheet material that is widely used in furniture making and moulding and cabinetry. 

OSB Board – is also known as Oriented Strand Board is a strong wood-based panel that is widely used in roof, floor, and wall applications. It has a great shear strength that is achieved by the layered manufacturing process, it is sometimes used as a cost-effective alternative to plywood.

Hardboards- is a high-density fibreboard and is widely used as a cost-effective substitute for wood in building decoration and furniture manufacturing. A unique grainless appearance makes the wood panel perfect for various flooring applications. The sheets can be shaped, cut to size and drilled making them extremely flexible and cost-effective and therefore suitable to many general decorative applications. We currently stock the 3mm Standard Hardboard.

Buy timber online and view our ongoing offers, where you can also conveniently browse a variety of products to suit any timber and joinery project specification. MGN Timber Merchants near me also stocks a range of flooringdoors, decorative mouldings and stairs for you to choose from. Our timber yard is fully stocked and occasionally we offer same-day delivery service (terms & conditions apply). If there something that you require is not present on the website, please feel free to get in touch with us on ecommerce@mgnbm.co.uk   alternatively please call 01708985022 and be sure we will source the products you are looking for.

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