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Mortice Locks

Our security solutions are the trusted choice for ensuring your safety. Mortice locks are widely recognised for their strong reliability and outstanding security features, making them the preferred option for buildings with a significant number of visitors.

What are Mortice Locks?


Mortice locks are renowned for their unmatched durability and unwavering security features, making them the ultimate choice for establishments that attract a high volume of people. These locks have gained a reputation as the most reliable and secure option, thanks to their exceptional reliability and formidable security attributes.

Why Choose Mortice Locks?


  • Mortice locks are built to last, and designed to withstand the test of time and heavy usage. At MGN Builders Merchants, we offer you a selection of mortice locks that are reliable, providing you with peace of mind and security from bathroom mortice lock to 5-level mortice lock browse our selection.
  • Mortice locks offer an advanced level of security that's hard to match. They provide an additional layer of protection, making them an ideal choice for external doors.
  • Mortice locks require a cavity cut into the door's edge, ensuring a precise fit. This precision fit is essential for the security of your property, and our products are designed to meet this requirement seamlessly.
  • We understand that each installation has unique requirements. That's why We offer a comprehensive range of mortice locks, ensuring you'll find the perfect lock for your specific needs, no matter the project.

Explore our range of mortice locks today and take the first step toward fortifying your property.

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