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Fence Panels

MGN Builders Merchants offers an extensive garden & landscaping range providing professional fencing supplies for any budget and any garden project. Our range varies from cheapest fence panels like Waney Lap fence panels to concrete fence posts and timber fence posts and many more. The modern fencing panel will not only enhance the appearance of your outdoor but at the same time will protect you from direct sunlight, will add that extra peace of mind increasing privacy and security.

The range of fence panels near me these days is very broad, so to choose the right one there are many factors to consider, such as size, style, design maintenance and durability. In the article below we will look at the types of fence panels available, selection, use and benefits.


What is a Garden Fence Panel?


Garden fence panels is the most cost-effective way to not only decorate your outdoor but also is a way to privacy and protection that helps to define the borders of your outdoor space. 


What are Garden Fence Panels made of?


Not all types of wood are equally good for fence production, it is important to consider wood characteristics like rot resistance and appearance. Due to the outstanding properties like durability and visual appearance, there have been identified two main wood species that the timber fence panels are made of these are pine and cedarwood. 


Types of Garden Fence Panels


The wood fence panels are divided into two main categories:

1. Traditional Fencing 


Includes fence boards near me like Featheredge Fence Panels, Picket, Closeboards and Overlap also referred to as Waney Lap Fence panels, these will create a practical and strong boundary. For privacy, it is recommended to use fence panels 6x6

Current MGN wood fence panels range includes traditional fencing solutions like Waney Lap fence panels and Feather Edge fence panels. They are available in a variety of sizes like 5 x 6 fence panels and 6 x 6 fence Panels.

  • Featheredge Fencing– these are overlapping vertical boards that are supported by horizontally fitted battens on the reverse side of the panel.
  • Waney Lap Fencing (Overlap) – this is the most economical type of fence panel, where the horizontal boards overlap each other.


2. Decorative Fencing


This type of wooden fencing will not only create boundaries but also an attractive garden frame. Decorative fence panels will provide beautiful backdrops for flowers, the selection of designs is quite wide from hit & miss, lattice fencing and slatted fence panels.


What Is the Average Fence Height?


The panels come in a standard 6 feet width and the heights vary between 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. The most popular one is 3-foot fence panels and 4-foot panels. To increase security and privacy, the choice normally falls to 5 foot & 6-foot fence boards.

If you are looking for new garden fence panels near me or simply would like to replace the old ones – please get in touch with us and be sure to get valued advice and assistance in your selection journey. MGN Builders Merchants will advise on the suitable sizes, styles and any other supportive materials that you might require to complete your project. For instance, do not skip our concrete fence posts and timber fence posts range, fencing accessories and timber sleepers.




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