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Building Additives

Ensure the success of your next project with our comprehensive range of building additives at MGN Builders Merchants. From enhancing workability to improving strength and waterproofing, our additives offer a variety of solutions to optimize your concrete, mortar, and brickwork projects.

Unleash the Potential of Your Materials:

Building additives are concentrated formulas that, when added to your building materials, modify their properties for improved performance. Whether you're aiming for increased workability, superior strength, enhanced waterproofing, or improved cleaning efficiency, MGN Builders Merchants has the right additive for you.

Our Top Picks:

  • Mortar Admix 5L BDH010: This versatile additive improves the workability of mortar, making it easier to mix, apply, and finish. Perfect for bricklaying, rendering, and plastering projects.
  • PVA 5L BDAC5: Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) strengthens your mortar and improves bonding between bricks and other masonry units. It also reduces dust and improves water retention.
  • Sika 1 Waterproofer 5L: For a watertight barrier, consider Sika 1 Waterproofer. This integral waterproofing additive protects your concrete or mortar from moisture ingress, ideal for basements, foundations, and wet areas.
  • Bond It Brick Acid 5 litres: This specialist cleaning solution effectively removes mortar residue and efflorescence (a white mineral deposit) from brickwork, leaving your projects looking their best.

Benefits of Using Building Additives:

  • Improved Workability: Certain additives make your mortar or concrete mix easier to work with, saving you time and effort.
  • Enhanced Strength: Additives can increase the compressive and tensile strength of your concrete or mortar, leading to a more durable and long-lasting structure.
  • Superior Waterproofing: Waterproofing additives create a barrier against moisture ingress, protecting your project from water damage.
  • Faster Setting Times: Some additives can accelerate the setting time of your concrete or mortar, allowing you to move on to the next stage of your project quicker.
  • Improved Cleaning Efficiency: Cleaning solutions like Brick Acid remove stubborn stains and residues from masonry surfaces, saving you time and effort during the cleaning process.

Can I add multiple building additives to my mix?

In some cases, yes. However, it's important to ensure the additives you choose are compatible with each other and won't negatively impact your project. Always check the manufacturer's instructions before combining additives.

Do building additives affect the setting time of concrete or mortar?

Yes, some additives can accelerate setting times, while others may slightly slow them down. Be sure to factor in the setting time impact when choosing and using your building additive.


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