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Insulated Plasterboard

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the thermal performance of the wall? - then thermal plasterboard is the perfect solution, it provides both internal insulation and drylining in one go. Here at MGN Builders Merchants, we have a range of quality insulated plasterboard in various sizes, including 25mm PIR insulated plasterboard and 40mm PIR insulated plasterboard and trade quality insulated plasterboard fixings. Our range includes the most popular sizes that are designed for application in new build properties and renovated ones, especially where various levels of thermal insulation and building requirements are essential.

What is Insulated Plasterboard?


During the manufacturing process, the rigid polyisocyanurate insulant core is glued to tapered edge plasterboard to produce a durable and cost-effective internal wall insulation, also known as insulated drylining. This type of plasterboard provides a perfect insulation solution that significantly increases the thermal performance of solid wall constructions reducing heat loss from buildings.

Use and Application of PIR Insulated Plasterboard.


The insulation boards are suitable for insulation of cavity walls, as well as for the frame walls without impacting the interior space. The internal insulation enables an upgrade of the thermal performance of the existing building insulating the property from the inside. The boards are compliant with Building regulations thanks to their ability to respond quickly to heating systems and provide cost-effective solutions for reducing CO2 emissions.

The Benefit of Insulated Plasterboard.


  • Quick and easy installation - the boards offer two in one solutions.
  • Provide a cost-effective thermal insulation solution.
  • It is 50% cheaper than external wall insulation.
  • Energy-efficient plasterboards - will reduce energy bills.
  • CFC, HCFC and Formaldehyde Free.
  • The board have excellent water resistance capacity.

At MGN Builders Merchants we only supply materials from the leading manufacturers offering outstanding quality and low trade prices. Browse our range online or simply call our customer service team and we will provide you with a free and quick quotation.

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