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Steel Restraint Straps

Welcome to the world of Steel Restraint Straps at MGN Builders Merchants! Our range of high-quality restraint straps offers a versatile solution for securing structural components in construction projects. Crafted from robust metals, these straps provide essential reinforcement, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Our selection includes various types of restraint straps designed to meet diverse construction needs. From heavy-duty options to light-duty alternatives, we have the perfect solution for every application. 

For heavy-duty requirements, consider our Heavy Duty Restraint Strap 1000mm Bent LHS1000B. This bent strap offers superior strength and stability, ideal for securing heavy loads and providing reliable support. Alternatively, the Heavy Duty Restraint Strap 600mm Straight LHS600S offers a straight design for efficient installation and uncompromising durability.

If you're working on projects that demand a lighter touch, our Light Duty Restraint Strap 1000mm Twisted LLS1000T is the perfect choice. Its twisted design provides flexibility while ensuring adequate reinforcement, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

What are steel restraint straps used for?

Steel restraint straps are primarily used in construction to provide lateral support and reinforcement to various structural elements, such as timber framing, roof trusses, and masonry walls. They help prevent movement and displacement, enhancing the stability and safety of the structure.


At MGN Builders Merchants, we prioritize quality and reliability in all our products. Our steel restraint straps are meticulously crafted to meet industry standards, delivering peace of mind to builders and contractors alike. Trust MGN Builders Merchants for premium-quality restraint straps that you can rely on to keep your structures secure and stable.

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