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Bricks & Blocks

MGN Builders Merchants is one of the leading London Brick Company that has an extensive range of bricks for sale in a variety of colours, styles and finishes to suit any type of construction project. Our selection of facing bricks includes wire-cut and stock bricks, traditional red bricks as well as contemporary grey bricks. Our house brick selection also includes Ibstock brick range, Wienerberger bricks and Imperial brick range. 

Where greater durability is required, we have a choice of perforated class B engineering bricks to choose from, they come in 65mm thickness and are available in red and blue colours.

Our selection of bulding bricks and blocks includes garden wall bricks and house brciks for every aspect of building projects. From concrete blocks to ventilation bricks and aerated blocks here at MGN we have a brick to suit every need. Just browse our website and be sure to find building products for every aspect of your construction project.

Carefully selected information below will guide you in your selection process providing you with the information that you will need in order to choose the right brick or block for your project.

Selecting the right brick for your project can be a very challenging task so it is very important to learn about different types of bricks and blocks, as each one has it is own specification and purpose. We will look at the most popular types closely below.


Types Of Bricks


  • Facing bricks – is the type of brick that is predominantly used for external wall construction and generally chosen for its aesthetic appearance. We have an extensive range of facing bricks from traditional to contemporary modern types.
  • Extruded bricks – is also known as a wire-cut, this is a type of facing brick that has been cut by row wires making them more consistent in shape and size.  Their distinctive feature is that they have core holes running through the bed of bricks, they are lighter and easy to handle, also require less energy for firing and drying. They are available in different textures and styles, including smooth, rolled, sand faced, drag faced and glazed. 
  • Soft mud bricks – is a type of facing brick that has a more traditional appearance and its production involves hand making as well as machine manufacturing processes. These types are available in a traditional sanded finish or handmade and creased texture with a ‘frog’ indentation.
  • Engineering bricks – the main feature of this type of brick is the high comprehensive strength and low water absorption, therefore they are predominantly used for their physical characteristics rather than appearance. They are classified into two main groups, Class A and Class B, where Class A is the strongest with a comprehensive strength greater than 125N/mm and water absorption less than 4,5%. Class B engineering bricks are more common with comprehensive strength of 75N/mm and water absorption of less than 7%.


They are used in groundworks, damp proof courses, manholes and retaining walls. The bricks are available in smooth red and blue colours, our range includes blue Windermere and Red Engineering bricks as well as the Ibstock smooth red engineering bricks. Our bricks are supplied only by the leading market manufacturers, one of them is Wienerberger.

How to Choose the Right Bricks for Your Project?


Selecting the right type of building bricks is especially important as it is not something that can be changed easily in case you are not happy with colour or texture.  Bricks vary in texture, tone, and forms, they come in different colours from yellow hues to blue and red bricks, some are handmade others machine made, there are wire-cut or stock bricks – there is a lot to consider.

Brick Colour Selection

The chosen shade will influence your brickwork project and the right coloured brick will set the tone and the first impression it makes.  Therefore, it is particularly important to look at the current bricks colour trends. For instance, blue bricks are very popular in the Midlands, whereas red bricks are widely used in the north and London is very keen on creams and yellows. Also, it is important to note that the local planning office will most likely narrow down your selection choice, so it is very important to investigate at the beginning what colour is likely to get permission.

Brick Finish Selection

The selection will again depend on the outcome you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a brick with a smooth finish, then the wire cut clay brick could be a good option. For an earthy and textured finish, we would recommend choosing soft mud bricks. If you are planning to build a conservation area and you have to achieve an authentic look then your choice would probably fall on handmade bricks. The handmade bricks have an open texture they are rougher and have a creased face.

Brick Prices

Bricks can vary in cost dramatically and is influenced by the chosen style and manufacturer, usually, they are sold by thousand or in a pack, depending on the supplier and some bricks are also sold individually. For instance, our online store provides a choice where some bricks are sold individually and others by pack only.

Types of Concrete Blocks:


The concrete blocks can be classified into 6 different groups and each of them is used for different purposes. These types of blocks perform well in public & residential projects as well as in industrial applications where each type has an important function of use.


  • Aerated concrete or ‘aircrete’ block – is the lightest in the family of concrete blocks and they are distinguished by the ability to perform well in insulation and structural functions. These types of blocks are limited to structural applications in low-rise buildings, it is also utilised in curtain waling in higher buildings.
  • Hollow Blocksthese types of blocks are produced using high-quality lightweight aggregates. The hollow voids can be filled with the poured concrete and reinforced with steel for optimal strength. These types of blocks are utilised in commercial and industrial buildings, retaining walls and many more.
  • Solid Concrete Block – these types of blocks are manufactured out of naturally dense aggregates, so they are created strong and heavy. The blocks are strong enough and therefore are predominantly used in the construction of load-bearing large masonry units.
  • Lintel Block – a universal type of block that serves two different purposes, as a formwork and masonry unit. They are also used in preparation for lintel beams.
  • Pavement Blocks -are made of reinforced concrete, they are predominantly used in paving and road shoulders.


How to Choose the Right Blocks for Your Project?


When considering building blocks for your project structural loading capacity has to be taken into account as well as the insulation value. Whilst the aerated concrete blocks have the advantage of inbuild insulation thanks to the trapped air in the concrete. At the same time, it has a less thermal mass in comparison to heavy solid concrete blocks which therefore will make it harder for natural heat to be utilised.  Even though the lighter blocks are easy to handle but they might be difficult to plaster because of their uneven surface.

There are many more factors to consider when selecting the right type of concrete block, if in doubt please get in touch with the structural engineer or call the MGN Builders Merchants customer care team and we will be able to guide you in your selection process.


MGN Builders Merchants is the reliable and trusted by trade and DIY clients brick supplier that will provide you with an extensive range of brickwork and blockwork products as well as professional and competent advice on how to choose the right one you might need. There are many brick suppliers near me in London but buying bricks at MGN Builders Merchants will not leave you dissapoted at any stage - we have everything you might require to complete your building project.  Our selection also includes vandersanden bricks and tradesman heather bricks. Browse brick merchant near me online and get access to the latest deals and promotions.

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