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MDF Boards

Browse and shop our trade quality MDF boards selection sourced from the leading sheet material suppliers. MGN Builders Merchants guarantees low trade prices and speedy delivery. Our carefully selected range of medium density fireboards will help you to complete your building project on time and hassle-free.


What is MDF?


MDF is a medium-density fiberboard, it is widely called by its initials - it is an engineered type of wood sheet material. MDF board is manufactured from hardwood and softwood fibres with the addition of resin binders and wax that are hotpressed and bonded to form a sturdy MDF sheet.


Uses of MDF Board


MDF wood panels are popular among builders simply because it is an extremely versatile sheet material that offers cost-effective solution and consistency by acting as an insulating, soundproofing heat-retaining sheathing material.

MDF panels are easy to work with and are often compared to plank wood, they can be screwed, glued, stapled or attached with dowels. MDF has a lower impact on the environment as it is made of pure wood waste products. Here is a small list of where the MDF panels are predominantly utilised.

  • Furniture 
  • Cabinets and shelves
  • Flooring laminating
  • Decorative mouldings
  • Doors and door frames


Types of MDF Board


MDF wood panels are characterised in three different types:

  • Ultralight MDF - this is a reduced density fiberboard that is ideal for non-structural, internal applications in places where weight is very important - for instance in boat cabinetry.
  • Fire Retardant MDF - is intended for non-structural, internal applications such as wall linings, partitionings and kitchens. The FR wood panels normally are red in colour and available in a range of thicknesses and either B or C fire rating in accordance with European Standards.
  • Moisture Resistant MDF - this type of MDF panel has got a high internal bond strength suitable for the construction of furniture and in areas that might be subject to occasional wetting and humidity. It is normally distinguished by the green colour and is often referred to as green MDF. We currently stock moisture resistant MDF 6mm, moisture resistant MDF 12mm, moisture Resistant MDF 18mm and moisture Resistant MDF 25mm.

Advantages of MDF


  • Consistent and smooth finish no voids and splinters - allows easy painting.
  • Cost-effective alternative to plywood - in general much cheaper than natural wood sheets.
  • Easy to work with, can be cut with a scroll saw jigsaw with no splinters.

 Disadvantages of MDF


  • Absorbs water and is subject to swelling once wet unless well-sealed.

Our recommendation: choose moisture resistant MDF sheets, they are resistant to moderate humidity and can be perfectly used in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

  • Due to its absorption capabilities, MDF panels cannot be stained as the panels will soak up the stain.

Our recommendation: when priming chooses solvent-based and Not water-based primers. 

  • The MDF sheets are made of small particles so the screw holding capabilities are much lower.

Our recommendation:  use wider head screws as they make jointing of MDF sheets to other materials easier, flat head and pan head screws will provide the optimal grip.

  • Relatively heavy due to its density so which makes it more difficult to handle and work with.
  • Produced with urea-formaldehyde additive - needs to be handled with attention when cut or sanded,  avoiding inhalation of small particles.

Our recommendationcut MDF boards outdoors, in situations when you need to cut MDF indoor use a dust mask and eye protection.


MDF is a very cost-effective sheet material however has its own application specifications that need to be taken into account when selecting this type of panel for your project. MDF is a great choice for kitchen renovation as it is very flexible and allows you to create the design and appearance you desire. However, for more sturdy projects like a walk-in wardrobe with shelves, it is better to choose solid wood sheets. 

Your choice will be based on the project specifications, budget, visual appearance and other needs and requirements of the project you are currently working, so carefully consider the pros and cons of each type of sheet material. MGN offers an extensive range of MDF products such as white MDF skirting boards and solvent-based MDF paint. If you are in doubt about what kind of MDF sheet you should choose please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.


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