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OSB Board

If you are looking for a versatile building board or a cost-effective general-purpose alternative to plywood, that will fit a wide range of applications from flooring to roofing then the sterling board is a great choice. Please browse our selection online alternatively you can always give us a call for a free and instant quotation. Our selection of OSB panels currently consists of the OSB board 18mm, OSB board 11mm18mm tongue & groove OSB. MGN Builders Merchants offers the most competitive OSB board prices in town, with huge stock levels of the most popular 18mm OSB board and 11mm OSB. In case you are not sure what OSB is, what are the key features, use and applications, - then please read on to find out more about this practical type of sheet material.

What is OSB Board?


OSB stands for oriented strand board also known as the oriented structural board, is a type of wood board that is produced from thin and long chips or strands, then these strands (there are approximately 50 layers) are mixed with adhesive and wax, and hot pressed.


What are the Benefits of OSB Board?


The OSB boards are classed as the engineered wood products that were purposely developed in the USA and Canada as a cost-effective alternative to plywood with approximately the same technical properties but relatively smaller trunk diameter and dimensional tolerances. These days the OSB sheets are widely recognised for the same use as plywood on a thickness-to-thickness basis. Below are some key benefits that make the osb3 board an extremely reliable and consistent product.

• The Sterling boards are incredibly consistent thanks to the advanced technology used in the manufacturing process that ensures that there is no unwanted quality, sizes, and shape issues.

• The versatility and strength of the boards are achieved through the manufacturing process where the fifty wooden strands are layered laterally to form a durable and strong board.

• The boards are famous for being the most cost-effective alternative to plywood, it is significantly less expensive and therefore results in cost savings.

• The OSB wood sheets are very sustainable again due to the way there are produced, where the strands of wood come from sustainably managed forests and small trees rather than mature once which are saved consequently.

• OSB has greater shear strength than plywood, the 50 strands thickness is significantly more than what the plywood is made of.


What is OSB Board Used for?


OSB building boards are predominantly used in interior drylining applications it is ideal whenever a quality, smooth finish, strength, and flexibility is required. It performs well where the load-bearing properties and moderate resistance to humidity are required making it ideal for construction and housebuilding.

The use and application of the boards are extremely diverse, below are some key uses of the osb3 boards.

• The boards are great for roofing work since they are generally squarer and have smaller dimensional tolerances. The tongue & groove profile removes the need for noggins or twangs by providing structural support at long edges.

• Walls

• Floor sheathing -for instance, OSB flooring serves as laying boards (tongue and groove profile)

• Furniture manufacturing - for shelves and as frames for upholstered furniture

• Packaging (boxes/cable reels/pallets)

• Concrete formwork panels

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