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We are proud to offer our extensive range of house insulation materials including trade quality insulation boards, sourced from trusted and leading manufacturers. Our range will fill fulfil the requirements of any construction project regardless of its size, we stock the highest quality floor insulation, wall insulation, roof insulation, loft insulation boards to name a few.

With ever-increasing energy prices, the insulation is a must for anyone who is working on extensions, renovations, and loft conversion. These cost-effective insulation materials will deal with issues like cracks, drafts or hidden air leaks adding that thermal insulation that will illuminate the cold spots in your house.

Our celotex insulation is of trade quality, available at competitively trade prices and delivered to you free of charge. From PIR insulation to polystyrene external wall insulation the size variation from 25mm insulation board to insulation 50mm, we have all you might need.

So, there is no need to look anywhere else, at MGN Builders Merchants – we have got you covered, our extensive builders yard capacity ensures we are always stocked up with cheap insulation board, insulation accesories and amazing deals.

If you ever need assistance selecting insulation, be rest assured that our team will be more than happy to assist you. Do not miss the amazing deals we have for you when you buy in bulk – we promise to beat any prices. Get in touch with us today and we guarantee MGNBM will become your favourite insulation board supplier.

What is insulation board?


The insulation board is a type of rigid insulating material that is manufactured in sheets, it is widely known as an insulation foam board, loft board or rigid insulation board. The house insulation boards are extremely versatile and cost-effective, they come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit any construction project from general house applications to more specific.


Types of insulation board we supply


PIR Insulation Boards


PIR Insulation Boards or polyisocyanurate is an extremely popular and cost-effective insulation material that does not only ensure thermal but acoustic insulation too. The PIR insulation is a rigid and durable insulation panel that also compose excellent compressive strength.

The PIR board is very easy to work with, it comes in different sizes and thicknesses, there is a board for any type of construction project. The board is also known as a loft board, foam board or rigid foam board.

Our selection of PIR boards includes 100mm PIR insulation, 50mm PIR insulation, 25mm PIR insulation and 75mm PIR insulation boards.


Loft Insulation


The loft roll insulation is normally installed between the joists or the rafter this insulation barrier acts as protection that reduces heat loss making your home warmer during the winter and keeping your home cool in summer.

By insulating your loft with loft roll insulation, you will not only lower your heating bills, improve your home energy efficiency rating but also increase your properties value. 

Our current selection consists of a mineral wool insulation roll that is produced of glass wool and rock wool insulation slabs. 

Our range of mineral wool insulation consists of but is not limited to 100mm mineral wool insulation rolls and our Rockwool insulation includes insulation slabs of various sizes and thicknesses including 100mm Rockwool insulation.


Roof Insulation 


Our roof insulation range  of PIR foam insulation boards is suitable for both pitched and flat roof insulation projects, if you are looking for high thermal performance insulation material then do look any further than Thermal PIR insulation panels. We stock a huge range of insulation boards including PIR insulation board 100mm insulation board and PIR insulation board 50mm.

Keep your home warm with insulation supplies from MGN Builders Merchants including Rockwool insulation and Cavity Wall insulation, at famously low trade prices, amazing deals, and always free delivery. We have all you need for your house insulation project in one place.





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