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Aerated Blocks

Whether it is a commercial or domestic building project, our aerated blocks can be utilised in basement constructions and all kinds of external and internal applications. The aicrete blocks also referred to as breeze blocks are produced by a well-known global manufacturer. The current range of lightweight breeze blocks includes blocks that offer ultimate construction possibilities, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to name a few.

We stock the standard thermalite blocks, 100mm thermalite blocks, high strength 140mm 7n thermalite blocks, and they are available in the following three dimensions: 215mm (height) x 440mm (length) x100mm/140mm/ 215mm (thickness). To find out more about these versatile building materials please read on.

What are the Aerated Blocks?


Autoclaved aerated blocks (AAC), are also known as thermalite blocks, they are made of a prefabricated material consisting of binders usually cement, sand, lime, and water. The aluminium sulphate powder is added and in combination with lime reacts and forms air bubbles in the concrete. The air bubbles form sort of air pockets that provide compressive thermal insulation, moisture resistance and strength. Benefits of using autoclaved aerated blocks.

Benefits of Aerated Blocks


  • Excellent acoustic and thermal performance is achieved by closed; airtight chambers created by microbubbles fused into the mass. These blocks can achieve sound transmission class ratings up to 60.
  • It is fire and water-resistant - the natural inorganic material that is used in the production process does not burn, so these blocks surpass the standard building code.
  • Aerated concrete blocks can be sawn and cut easily for chases and holes for plumbing and electrical lines, this results in high construction speed and cost-efficiency.
  • The blocks are available in a variety of sizes and forms.
  • They are made of recyclable material and lower levels of cement, therefore are reducing the environmental impact.
  • It is lightweight, and therefore easy to handle, install and store. For instance, when compared with red bricks, aerated concrete blocks are three times lighter.
  • Economical, when it comes to shipping and handling when compared to concrete blocks or poured concrete.

Applications of Aerated Blocks


Walls make up the largest surface areas of the building. Since blocks offer the potential for high thermal performance and comprehensive strength, they are used almost in all buildings in one way or another. Autoclaved aerated blocks are used in both load-bearing and non-loadbearing designs and are utilised to construct:

  • inners level of cavity walls
  • dwelling partitioning walls
  • internal, external & firewalls

Panels of aerated blocks are joined using thin-bed mortar, employing techniques similar to that used in standard concrete blocks. This type of building material is extremely versatile and easy to work with, so If deemed necessary, the walls can be strengthened with steel by running it vertically through the blocks' gaps.

The blocks are produced with some distinctive features and therefore their use will vary. For example, the standard aerated block is utilised to build buildings for up to two floors, unlike high strength aerated blocks that can be used for buildings with more than three floors.

Depending on the use, for additional durabilities, the blocks should be covered with an applied finish, such as engineered or natural stone, polymer-modified stucco, or siding. If utilised for basements, the aerated blocks' outer surface should be covered with a thick layer of a damp proofing membrane there are several options available in our online store. The interior surface can be left uncoated unless you deem it necessary to cover it. If so, you can finish it with plaster, drywall, or tile.

Aerated blocks prices


The current average aac block price range is £1.18-£2.89. This is for a standard size block (100mm Aerated Block B3 440 x 215mm) and between £ 1.95 - £ 4.26 for the high strength aerated blocks (100mm Hi-Strength Aerated 7.3N Block 440 x 215mm). Our excellent range of the most popular and versatile aerated building blocks offers a building solution at the most competitive prices to almost any project. Please note that these prices may vary.

Aerated blocks are go-for building materials if you need lightweight, fire/insect resistant, and easy-to-handle materials. Of course, there are factors to consider before choosing a building product that will meet the requirements of a particular building project. Our experienced customer service team will be able to advise you on the available options or alternatives for your construction project, please feel free to contact us on 01708985022 or email at  .

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