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Joist Hangers & Connectors

Explore our range of high-quality products designed to enhance the structural integrity and stability of walls and frameworks.

Joist hangers and brackets play a crucial role in securely attaching joists, beams, and other structural elements to walls and support structures. Our collection includes a variety of joist hangers and brackets, including the Simpson 47mm Standard Jiffy Joist Hanger, renowned for its durability and reliability in supporting timber joists and beams.

Additionally, we offer Simpson Reinforced Angle Brackets in various sizes, such as 75 x 48 x 65mm, providing robust reinforcement and support for framing and construction applications. These angle brackets are engineered to withstand heavy loads and ensure secure connections between structural components.

Can joist hangers and brackets be used for both indoor and outdoor construction projects?

Yes, joist hangers and brackets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor construction projects, provided they are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Are joist hangers and brackets reusable?

Joist hangers and brackets are generally designed for single-use installation and may not be reusable once installed. Attempting to remove and reuse hangers or brackets may compromise their integrity and affect their load-bearing capacity. It's recommended to use new hangers and brackets for each construction project to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Whether you're building a deck, framing a roof, or constructing a new structure, MGN Builders Merchants has the wall reinforcement and wall tie solutions you need to ensure the strength and stability of your project. Browse our selection today and invest in top-quality joist hangers and brackets for your construction needs.

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