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Roof Windows

Roof windows differ from common windows in that these types of windows are installed on the roof and designed to let in natural light into your rooms. This method of naturally lighting rooms has become quite popular as manufacturers adopt new technology and approach to make windows ideal for lighting and resistant to UV light.

Here at MGN Builders Merchants, we offer pitched roof windows from reputable manufactures such as VELUX. For more information concerning our VELUX roof windows, give our customer service team a call via 01708 985 022.

What Are Roof Windows?


A roof window is a window style that opens outwards and it is integrated as part of a roof’s design.

Roof windows are intended to let in more natural light and fresh air into your rooms. Besides, they also allow you an unhindered view of the sky.

Often, a roof window is fixed into the original structure during construction, though it can be fixed into existing structures depending on the building regulations of a particular region.

Types of Pitched Roof Windows


There are various options of pitched roof windows. We offer Velux windows, they are specifically designed for pitched roofs. The most common options include:

Center-pivot roof windows – these are composed of a vertical center with a single pane of glass that opens 1800. A control bar is used to open it from the top.  These windows are ideal for spaces with low ceilings or where the furniture will be put below. They have various modes of operation e.g., you can choose from electric, solar-powered, or manual operation.

Velux Center-pivot roof windows are offered in a range of varying glazing options such as double-glazing, passive house glazing, triple glazing, etc. They are ideal for pitched roofs between 150– 900.   Our selection includes the following windows: VELUX GGL MK04 2070, VELUX GGL FK06 2070, VELUX GGL PK10 2070, VELUX GGL CK02 2070, among others.

Top-hung roof windows – as opposed to center-pivot pitched windows, this variation opens from the top of the frame rather than from the centre. It is operated using a control bar that is fixed at the window’s bottom. These windows offer you an uninterrupted open view of the skyline while maximizing the amount of natural daylight that gets into your rooms. They are an ideal option for loft conversions with easy to reach pitched roof windows.

They are ideal for 150  to 550 roof pitches but they are can also be used for pitches between 550– 750. In this case, you will need special springs so don’t forget to specify that when placing an order.

Our selection includes VELUX GPL MK04 2070, VELUX GPL UK04/08 2070, VELUX GPL FK06 2070, among others.

Other common types include side-hung and polyurethane roof windows. The former opens to the sides, either to the right or left. The latter is all about the material of the window used for frames. The benefit of this material is that it is low maintenance and therefore you do not have to worry about maintenance costs after the installation.

Types of Flat Roof Windows


Flat roof windows are found in unique variations to ensure ultimate room illumination. You can decide to go for a glass roof light or domed window idea depending on your specifications.

Here are variations of flat roof window units you can opt for:

  • Flat glass roof-lights – Velux glass roof-lights are easily recognizable elements on roof pitches between 2 0 to 15 0. The glass surface is designed with a special layer that makes it easy to clean. The key features and benefits include scratch-free tempered glass pane for prolonged durability, double coat low-energy pane for enhanced energy efficiency, maintenance-free design, and excellent acoustic properties.

  • Curved VELUX roof windows – it is consists of a curved glass surface that allows more daylight. Most design-conscious homeowners opt for this style. The key features and benefits include a curved glass shape that lets rainwater drain off effortlessly, double coat low-energy pane for enhanced energy efficiency, maintenance-free design, and heat protection awning blind to keep optimal indoor temperature.
  • Flat glass-domed roof-lights – this is a contemporary version of roof window explosion, ideal for homes, offices, and clinics. It comes with an excellent insulation PVC design and double low-energy pane layers. Key features and benefits include excellent acoustic insulation, optimal privacy due to opaque dome style, scratch-resistant material, and low-maintenance.

 The Benefits of Roof Windows


Find out the many benefits offered by VELUX roof windows in your home and buy roof windows today to enjoy them.

  • Allow more natural light into your rooms, especially in areas where it is impractical to fix regular windows.
  • More livable space in your house. More light in your home implies more rooms that can be used for either study, storage, office, or even hobbies.
  • Improved ventilation – with proper lighting and a lot of air getting into your home, you deal with cases of condensation once and for all.
  • Improved thermal comfort where you enjoy cool summers and warm winters.
  • Enhanced sound insulation
  • Improved home’s value thanks to superior energy efficiency and acoustic insulation.


Whether you want flat or pitched roof windows, these windows will benefit your home significantly. Our online store has all the roof windows you may require for your renovation project. MGN Builders Merchants offers the most completive roof window prices, so please browse our range online and get access to the special offers and limited-time promotions. 



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