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Carcassing Timber

MGN Builders Merchants offers a range of quality structural carcassing timber, that will fulfil the requirements of internal structural applications for use as flooring, wall partitioning and floor joists, and many more.  Our timber selection is structurally graded to either C16 or C24 and is regularised and consistent in size, offering the most popular sizes of treated timber, that are sourced from a quality and well know UK suppliers.


What is Carcassing Timber?


Our carcassing timber is kiln-dried, treated, and structurally graded, softwood timber, it has a high strength to weight ratio and it is purposely designed for structural applications where the grading stamp is required. The most common strength grades are C16 and C24.


What is the difference between C16 and C24?


The most popular graded structural timber today is C24, because of the premium timber quality used, added benefits, and ability to handle higher loads and wider spans.

C24 timber grade can only be achieved by growing the tree in a particular climate, which forces a slower growth rate, and therefore tighter grain.  Whilst the higher graded timber is utilised in the constructions where high load-bearing capacity is required, the C16 timber is widely used in stud work, roof joists, wall plates, etc.  C16 graded timber is also kiln-dried, this type of timber is produced from faster-grown trees, therefore offers lower load-bearing capacity in comparison to C24. All our timber is pressure treated against fungal decay and insect attacks.


Where is the Carcassing Timber used for?


Carcassing timber is used for structural building components such as:


  • Ceiling joists
  • Valley rafters
  • Trussed rafters
  • Flat roof joists
  • Stud partitions
  • Upper floor joists
  • Ground floor joists
  • Timber frame building components
  • Wallplates Common, hip, jack


Benefits of Carcassing timber


Our Timber is kiln dried and treated to last longer, thanks to the manufacturing process, where the temperature and humidity are controlled, during the kiln drying process, which allows the timber to dry consistently, leading to a more uniform wood board. This type of production ensures the longest lifetime possible, here are some benefits:


  • The timber is lighter and stronger
  • The risk of timber shrinkage is reduced
  • Less chance of fungus
  • Less chance of splits, bowing, and fissures

Our current selection of carcassing timber should fulfil the requirements of your structural project, we have 4x2 timber, 3x2 timber, 2x2 timber.  Should you need a special size that is not available on the website, please contact us on 01708985022 or email us at [email protected] . We guarantee to supply your project with quality timber supplies, so do not look any further than MGN Builders Merchants

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