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Chipboard Sheets

Discover our wide range of chipboard sheets sourced from the leading industry suppliers. We currently have huge stock levels of chipboard flooring boards in different sizes and thicknesses, availabe for our customers at low trade prices, amazing deals on bulky orders featuring free delivery. 


What Is Chipboard?

Chipboard often referred to as particleboard or low-density fibreboard (LDF) is an extremely versatile type of engineered sheet material. It is produced from small wood shavings and particles that are then hot pressed together with the addition of strong adhesive to form durable sheet wood.

What Is Chipboard Used For?

The chipboard sheets are very cost-effective and predominantly used in commercial and domestic flooring applications, floor decking, including furniture production, like kitchen units, carcasses shelving and other general building work.

Benefits Of Chipboard:


  1. Chipboard flooring board is cost-effective and practical in comparison to suitable alternatives like plywood it is lightweight and easy to handle, transport and instal especially for flooring.
  2. Durable and sturdy and can withstand significant pressure.
  3. Chipboard sheet offers better holding screw and nails capacity, as a result, this particleboard is preferred for furniture assembled using screws.
  4. Chipboard loft panels are easy to work with, can be easely cut to fit any area.
  5. Chipboard floorboards are environmentally friendly, in fact, the chipboard sheets production resulted in a significant decrease in wood waste as the particles recycled into technological and cost-effective sheet wood.

The quality and the benefits the chipboard has got to offer will also depend on the supplier you are getting your sheet materials from. MGN Builders Merchants is extremely reliable and trusted by trade and public customers in supplying only the highest quality sheet materials including tongue and groove chipboard, chipboard screws, chipboard adhesive, chipboard screws, flanking strips and support strips. Browse our responsibly sourced and selected chipboard flooring selection including chipboard flooring 18mm and 22mm chipboard flooring.


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