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CLS Timber

Are in you need of durable, strong, and versatile structural timber for your construction project? Then do not look any further, - MGN Builders Merchants has gone a wide selection of high-quality CLS timber that will fulfil the requirements of any structural internal project requirements.  To assist you in the selection process on whether this type of timber will suit your project purpose, below we have broken down some important information you need to be aware of about timber wood, such as its use, characteristics, and qualities.


What is CLS Timber?


CLS timber is a type of softwood that has been produced from slow grown and kiln-dried spruce or pine trees.  To achieve that smooth surface and distinctive rounded edges, the timber is planned, treated, and shaped.


What is CLS Timber Meaning?


Canadian Lumber Standard usually referred to as CLS wood the name originated in Canada where this type of timber was used for building sturdy timber frame homes and subsequently became popular in the UK.


What are the benefits of CLS Timber?


CLS timber has got some key distinguishing benefits, they are as follow:

  • This type of timber is exceptionally strong and is famous for its exceptional durability over the other types of wood timber which makes this product an ideal option for internal structural construction projects.
  • The rounded edges of CLS timber make transportation and handling particularly easy and safe. Thanks to almost knotless finish on the timber edges which also reduce the spread of potential fire outbreaks.
  • It is available in different timber sizes, widths and lengths which therefore makes this type of timber extremely cost-effective as this enables to minimise time spent on cutting and subsequently reduces the cost from timber wastage.


What is the use of CLS Timber?

This type of timber is normally graded as either c16 or C24. However, they both look similar; however, the C24 timber graded one is stronger and therefore tend to be more expensive.


The CLS is predominantly used for structural internal projects, because it is durable and strong, but also because the  four surfaced sides and rounded edges of the CLS timber makes it ideal in the following applications:


  • Construction of timber frame homes
  • Construction of internal partitioning walls
  • Interior framing
  • Stud wall - the timber for this type of use is also referred to as CLS studwork timber
  • Carcassing


Can CLS Timber Be Used Outside?


Yes, the CLS timber can be used externally but it must be treated before, this is essential to ensure it is resistant to climate conditions that can lead to rot and decay and other external factors.

We hope that information above was useful and if you think that the CLS type of timber could be the right choice for your project then here at MGN Builders Merchants online store our CLS timber category will provide you with the variations you can choose from.

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