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Suspended Concrete T-Beam 155mm x 110mm x 4800mm

£54.79 £45.66


  • Flooring system composed of pre-stressed concrete beams
  • Good thermal and sound insulation
  • Fire resistant- 30 minutes
  • Designed according to Eurocode (EC2) using grade C60N concrete


Product Information & Usage

The Suspended Concrete T-Beam is a flooring system that combines pre-stressed concrete beams with standard building blocks to create a strong and comprehensive flooring package. Our pre-stressed beams are made from grade C60N concrete and are designed in strict adherence to Eurocode (EC2) standards, ensuring exceptional strength. With the incorporation of a split course and professional fixing, our system provides a solid foundation, making installation efficient and ensuring long-term reliability. Suspended Concrete T-Beam 155mm possesses a remarkable one-hour fire rating, which eliminates the necessity for extra floor or ceiling finishes, not only enhances safety measures but also preserves the visual appeal and construction of your project. 


  • Good thermal and sound insulation
  • Long-lasting and fire resistant
  • Creates a stable working platform for follow-on trades
  • It does not require specialist skills to install it


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