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100mm Solid Dense Concrete Block 7N 215mm x 440mm

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Product Information

The 100mm concrete block Solid Dense 7N is a long-lasting and resilient block which can be used with confidence. Ideal for both internal and external applications requiring high loadbearing capacity and exceptional acoustic resistance. Our dense aggregate blocks are suitable for use in walls, below ground and in block and beam floors.

 Use & Application

This type of Concrete Block is primarily utilised as a building material in wall construction. It is one among many prefabricated concrete products utilised in masonry construction.

Here are some examples where it is used:

  • It is utilised in load-bearing structures, office buildings, tall buildings, low-rise residential, warehouses, shelter units for rural housing, institutional structures, bungalows, office buildings, etc.
  • It is utilised in frame structures, for example, high-rise residential apartments, hospitals, motels/hotels, office buildings, market premises, etc.
  • As ground-level units like backyard, walkaways, pavements, interlocking paving blocks for traffic movement areas such as train and bus stations, kerbstones, fuel stations, exhibitions areas, etc.


  • Standard finish block
  • High density improves sound insulation
  • High strength
  • High fire resistance
  • Low water absorption
Weight 18.7kg          
Length 440mm
Width 100mm
Height 215mm
Block Type Concrete
Colour Dark Grey
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