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100mm Medium Dense Concrete Block 7N 215mm x 440mm

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  • Suitable for external and internal walls
  • Good thermal and acoustic performance
  • High fire resistance
  • Light weight, for one-man handling


Product Information

100mm Medium Dense Concrete 7N blocks are suitable for usage in most standard applications - both above and below ground. Their enforcement makes them relevant for general load bearing, sound insulation, internal partitions and where ease of handling is essential.

 Use & Application

This type of Concrete Blocks is primarily utilised as a building material in wall construction. It is one among many prefabricated concrete products utilised in masonry construction.

 Here are some examples where it is used:

  • It is utilised in load-bearing structures, office buildings, tall buildings, low-rise residential, warehouses, shelter units for rural housing, institutional structures, bungalows, office buildings, etc.
  • It is utilised in frame structures, for example, high-rise residential apartments, hospitals, motels/hotels, office buildings, market premises, etc.
  • Utilised as ground-level units like backyard, walkaways, pavements, interlocking paving blocks for traffic movement areas such as train and bus stations, kerbstones, fuel stations, exhibitions areas, etc.


  • Standard finish block
  • Good thermal and acoustic performance
  • Use for above and below ground
  • Suitable for external and internal walls
  • Suitable for one-man handling
  • High fire resistance
  • Low water absorption


More Information
Height 215mm
Thermal Conductivity0.48 W/mK
Fire RatingClass A1
ColourDark Grey
Pallet Quantity 84
Manufacturer Part NumberG1007

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