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Everbuild Jetcem Rapid Setting Cement 3kg JETCEM3


Product Information

The Everbuild Jetcem Rapid Setting Cement is a cement-based product, easy to apply, which sets in about 30 minutes, both in the cold and wet. It is an excellent option when a fast patching and rapid repair job is required.

Use & Application

This product is perfect for most building repairs and maintenance work, where fast hardening is a must. Some examples where it can be applied are:

  • Fixing fence posts
  • Repairing railings, copings and installing manholes
  • Internal and external renovations to gaps, cracks, walls, floors


  • Easy to mix – just add water
  • Sets in both, cold and wet weather conditions
  • Repairs holes in concrete, stone and brick
  • Fast, strong & easy to use
  • Quick setting and cost-effective
  • Supplied in 3kg bags
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