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Everbuild Exact Gap Foam 750ml EVEXACT7

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Product Information

As the name suggests, the Everbuild exact gap foam is a foam that expands by between 5-10% from the bead extruded on application, offering precision gap filling. The controlled application considerably minimises the amount of cured excess foam that has to be cut after and the danger of wet foam falling on the floor or any other surfaces. This product is ideal for filling gaps, offering good insulation characteristics.

Use & Application

This exact gap foam can be used for filling:

  • Gaps around pipe entries through walls
  • Gaps around window frames, door frames
  • Roof tile voids
  • Deep joints before applying sealant or plaster
  • Gaps and cracks in walls


  • Formulated to provide a more precise foam product that only expands minimally
  • Reduces the amount of cured excess foam
  • Improved insulation characteristics
  • Can be cut, sawn or plastered after 2 hours
  • Fills cracks in walls and floorboards
  • Re-usable canister
  • Supplied in 750ml aerosol cans
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