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Bond It Wallpaper Adhesive Hangs Up To 30 Rolls BDWPA30


Product Information

The Bond It wallpaper adhesive is an easy mix adhesive formulation, that has been designed to be mixed with water and to provide a multi-purpose paste, suitable for hanging all types of wall coverings. It is extremely flexible and durable, providing effective, long-lasting results.

Use & Application

This wallpaper adhesive is suitable for:

  • Hanging lining paper, woodchip, textured vinyl
  • Hanging washable and heavy embossed
  • Wood filling of windowsills, frames, MDF, or laminates
  • Repairing wood damaged by moisture, externally or internally
  • Repairing damage to parquet or wooden furniture
  • Used as a primer for new plaster walls


  • An easy mix adhesive formulation
  • Provided with a strong and durable formula
  • Fast mix properties for quick and easy preparation
  • Multi-purpose & flexible paste
  • Suitable for all types of wallcoverings
  • Can be also used for fixing polystyrene tiles
  • Can hang up to 30 rolls
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