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Mortar Admix 25L BDH011



  • 100-150ml MORTAR PLASTICISER for every 25Kgs of cement
  • Shake well before use
  • Do not use at temperatures below +2oC or when temperature is expected to drop below 0oC within 24 hours
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Product Information

Our mortar admix is a chemically balanced, high-quality plasticiser, based on synthetic air entraining agents. It has been designed to improve and ease the workability of bricklaying and plastering mortars, used at the rate of 100ml per 25kg bag of cement. Moreover, this mortar admix excludes the necessity of additional lime to be added to the mix.

Use & Application

The mortar admix is typically used with:

  • Brick mortars
  • Cement renders
  • Pointing mixes


  • Premium quality plasticiser
  • Improves workability
  • Increases the cement’s resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Cost-effective – 100ml is enough for a 25kg bag of cement
  • Replaces lime in brick mortars or cement renders
  • Reduces the risk of cracking
  • Supplied in 5L and 25L canisters
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