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503 SBR Bond 5L BDH040


Product Information & Usage

The 503 SBR is a styrene butadiene copolymer latex, designed to provide advanced flexibility of cement screeds and mortars. It is also an excellent waterproofing admixture, which improves the adhesion of cementitious screeds and diminishes shrinkage and breakage when repairing floor screeds. Moreover, this SBR admixture is used for internal and external floors and rendering in areas of persistent water and chemical contact.


  • Improves chemical resistance of mortar, render or floor screed abrasion
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility to screeds
  • Suitable for internal and external floors
  • Repairs patching of concrete and cement screeds
  • Chemical-resistant & durable
  • Used as a bonding agent for new to old concrete
  • Supplied in 5L canisters
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