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Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion (DPM) 5L



  • A general-purpose rubberised bitumen emulsion suitable for various applications
  • Shields concrete structures from the damaging effects of sulphates, enhancing their durability
  • Prevents dampness and moisture penetration
  • Functions as an adhesive for bonding, offering versatility in use
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Product Information & Usage

The Cromaprufe is a general-purpose rubberised bitumen emulsion, designed to provide a waterproof membrane and to protect concrete structures from sulphates. It is typically used on walls and floors to prevent water ingress and dampness from the ground. Also, this bitumen emulsion is used as an adhesive for bonding wood block and wood mosaics.


  • General-purpose bitumen emulsion
  • Will provide a waterproof membrane on concrete and brick foundation
  • Protects concrete structures against sulphates
  • Excellent waterproofer for floors and walls
  • Provides a key for plaster on difficult surfaces
  • Supplied in 5L tins
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