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Black Bitumen Paint 5L



  • Solvent-based, bituminous black paint
  • Suitable for surfaces like wood, asphalt, steelwork, concrete, steel, iron, aluminium, stone, and brick
  • Provides excellent protection against weather conditions, including water and UV exposure 
  • Offers a smooth, shiny black finish that enhances the aesthetics of the coated surface

Product Information & Usage

The Black Bitumen paint is a solvent-based, bituminous black paint for waterproofing and weather protection of wood, asphalt, steelwork and concrete. It is also suitable for application on steel, iron, aluminium, stone and brick. Moreover, it is resistant to low concentrations of alkalis and acids and can withstand prolonged oxidation. It provides a black, smooth and shiny finish when dry.


  • Can be applied with a brush or spray
  • Offers a black and shiny finish
  • Improved water and weather resistance
  • Supplied in 5L tin
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