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K Rend HP12 Base Coat 25kg

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HP12 Base Coat, utilising High Polymer technology, offers exceptional performance on challenging surfaces such as dense block, unpainted render, and brickwork, providing enhanced water resistance and adhesion. It seamlessly pairs with all K Rend finishes, making it a reliable choice for achieving flawless results in rendering projects.




Product Information & Usage

HP12 Base Coat is a versatile solution for both hand and machine applications. With its advanced High Polymer technology, this base coat delivers exceptional performance, especially on challenging surfaces like dense block, unpainted render, and brickwork. 

Designed to excel as a stipple coat or for dense backgrounds, the HP12 Base Coat offers enhanced water resistance and superior adhesion. For added strength for the door and window reveal, it is advisable to incorporate Alkali Resistant Reinforcing Mesh. HP12 Base Coat's reliable formulation and compatibility offer a comprehensive solution for achieving outstanding results in rendering projects.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, trust the HP12 Base Coat to provide the performance and versatility you need to create flawless finishes on various substrates.


  • Suitable for hand or machine application
  • Durable, weather-resistant & breathable
  • Low maintenance 
  • Incorporates polymers for increased bond strength
  • Suitable for surfaces like dense block, unpainted render and brickwork
  • HP12 Base Coat is suitable for a thin coat finish


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BrandK Rend
Manufacturer Part Number0003KA

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