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K Rend Silicone TC15 25Kg Causeway

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Elevate your projects with K Rend Silicone TC15 in Causeway colour, offering a stunning, modern look that's visually captivating and incredibly easy to maintain. Silicone TC15 ensures both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability.




The K Rend Silicone images are for illustrative purposes only. Due to differences in light, devices, and screens, the pictures might not represent the accurate colour of the Silicone.

Product Information & Usage

K Rend Silicone TC15 25kg Causeway is a premium solution for effortlessly enhancing the aesthetics and durability of your exteriors. This self-coloured, ready-to-use organic render incorporates resin emulsion and Acrylic resin dispersion to create a low-maintenance textured finish, making it the perfect choice for external wall insulation systems.
What sets this product apart is its ability to deliver a captivating textured surface, adding depth and sophistication to your project. The unique formula of Silicone TC15 Causeway creates a visually appealing and tactile finish that leaves a lasting impression. Beyond its aesthetic charm, this solution offers optimal protection against the elements, thanks to its advanced silicone technology that combines water repellency with breathability. Whether you prefer hand or machine application, Silicone TC15 grants you the flexibility you need. For a flawless finish, we recommend using K Rend Primer TC before applying the top coat, ensuring that your exterior walls remain beautiful and resilient. 



  • Suitable for hand or machine application
  • Durable, weather-resistant & breathable
  • Low maintenance 
  • Incorporates resin emulsion and Acrylic resin dispersion
  • Suitable for surfaces like dense block, unpainted render and brickwork
  • Silicone TC15 is available in an extensive colour range
  • Exceptional Aesthetics: Achieve a stunning, modern look


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