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Masonry Reinforcement Mesh 112mm x 20m Galvanised

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Product Information & Usage

The Masonry Reinforcement Mesh made of galvanised steel is known for its formability and resistance to corrosion. Typically, it is used for brickwork, the mesh can be laid every third brickwork course for most reinforcement. The installation procedure requires gloves to be worn to protect hands from sharp metal edges. All metal components used in any application must be of the same material type.


  • Provides resistance to tensile stresses tackling settlement
  • Erosion resistant owing to galvanisation
  • Galvanised material improves the endurance
  • Coiled for ease of handling
Length 50m
Width 1m
Colour Pink
Composition Glass Fibre Strands


More Information
BrandPrinciPal Building Products
Manufacturer Part NumberEML2

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