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GRP Hardener Dispenser Bottle

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Product Information & Usage

The GRP (glass reinforced polyester) hardener dispenser bottle is an 80ml bottle, that is an essential element when building a flat roof. It is manufactured from 100% recycled and re-usable raw materials and can be easily filled up by unscrewing the lid. This dispenser bottle has been mainly designed for accurate measurement of hardener for use with resins. Moreover, it is also suitable for dispensing other liquids like additives, laminating resin, and catalysts.


  • Essential component when building a flat roof
  • Mande up of 100% re-usable plastic
  • Can be easily refilled by unscrewing the lid
  • Used to accurately measure the amount of hardener required for use with resins
  • Can be used with other liquids as well
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to operate bottle
  • 80ml in size
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