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ProGRP 4'' Resin Laminating Brush R344

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Product Information & Usage

The resin laminating brush is a GRP (glass reinforced polyester) application tool, that is wood handled with 100% synthetic blended bristles. It is provided with a metal ferrule, that is specifically formulated to strengthen the bristles and to minimise bristle loss. Moreover, its handle is unpainted, to avoid contamination of resin or topcoat. This resin laminating brush is suitable for a wide range of composites, such as laminating with all resin systems, polyester, gelcoats, epoxy.


  • Efficient application tool on a flat roof system
  • Wood handled with 100% synthetic blended bristles
  • Provided with a metal ferrule that will strengthen the bristles and minimise bristle loss
  • Suitable for a variety of types of resin
  • Weather resistant and sturdy
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Available in different sizes
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