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Verge Eaves Starter Black 99154

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Product Information

The universal dry verge is an effective way to keep the roof protected and secure. It is made from premium-grade polypropylene making the universal dry verge very durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection from moisture damage.

The advanced fitting technique makes the system ideal for guarding against general degradation, water intrusion, and wind uplift. The universal dry verge system is designed and independently tested to comply with the highest standards of regulations and quality.

It is easy to install as dry verges have universal installation and the right and left-hand sides are completely versatile. Give your roof an attractive appearance by incorporating the universal dry verge system which is a modern-day and durable solution for protecting your roof. Unlike wet mortar bedding, universal dry verge requires minimal installation time, ensuring a secure fit and a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Use & Application

  • Large format and interlocking concrete profiled tiles
  • For roof types of 15-55°
  • Can be used for new builds or refurbishment projects


  • Gives the roof a stunning appearance
  • Universal fitting- universal dry verge system is completely versatile
  • High quality and easy-to-install dry verge
  • Prevents general degradation, water intrusion, and wind uplift
  • Assurance of a secure fit around the tile
  • Long-lasting, reliable, and, maintenance-free system
  • Independently examined for quality and regulations and standards
Dimensions 155mm x 105mm
Colour  Black


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Manufacturer Part Number99154

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