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112mm Half Round Gutter 4m Black AG4BL


Product Information & Usage

The Half Round Gutter is a narrow uPVC channel that is installed along the roof edge on all sides of a house. The main purpose of the half round gutter is to collect the rainwater and melting snow from the roof and direct it safely away from the building's foundation through a downpipe into the drainage system or a surface water sewer.

This product plays an important role and must be installed correctly; otherwise, it may cause property damage resulting in mold appearance or rot of tiles, soffit, fascia, or masonry.

It is suitable for all types of structures, extensions, and conservatories.


  • Ensures high flow capacity.
  • It prevents water or melted snow from collecting on the roof and leaking through the walls.
  • Durable and lightweight product.
  • Attractive square profile.
  • The gutter protects the foundation and roofing components from erosion, mold, rot.
  • Easy-to-maintain product.
  • Exceptional finish performance.
  • Complements and is appropriate for any type of building.
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