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PSE Redwood 50mm x 100mm 4.2

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Product Information & Usage

Our PSE Redwood has been produced from slow-grown trees; therefore, it is a high-quality timber that will not split or twist. It is kiln-dried, which offers improved stability and durability. The PSE (Planed Square Edge) Redwood is normally used where a smooth and neat finish is essential. Therefore, it is perfect for decking, structural beams and furniture.


  • Provides a neat, smooth finish
  • Planed with square edges (PSE)
  • Easy to install & can be easily cut if required
  • Suitable for internal joinery applications
  • Can be painted or varnishing
  • Made of environmentally-friendly resources
  • Kiln-dried for improved stability and solidity
  • Available in different lengths
Nominal Size  
Width 100mm     
Thickness 50mm

Finish Size  
Width 94mm     
Thickness 44mm

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