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Concrete Corner Fence Post 2745mm 9 foot

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Product Information & Usage

Our corner fence post is manufactured from high-quality concrete, reinforced for durability and strength. It is extremely easy to install, cost-effective and long-lasting. It has been especially designed to stand against severe weather conditions and to provide improved resistance to rust. This fence post is typically applied for supporting and interlocking concrete gravel boards & fence panels when a 90° angle is formed.


  • Made of high-strength concrete for extra durability
  • Resistant to cracks, rusting, and any other types of damage
  • Improved moisture-resistance
  • Reliable & robust
  • Withstands high wind-speeds in open exposed gardens and escape with minimal damage
  • Low or no maintenance required
  • Will not be penetrated by rot or insect attack
  • Available in 8 foot and 9 foot lengths
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